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White media covers up R4.3 billion corruption by Pravin Gordhan

By BO Staff Writer

By now most South Africans are in the know about the so-called Gupta state capture emails. It matters little that the e-mails are fake. However, most South Africans do not know that an internal audit report of the Treasury department has fingered former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, in instances of corruption in the institution that runs into funds amounting to R4.3 billion! That amount of money is good enough to realise free education.

Furthermore, South Africans would also not know that the white owned DStv confessed to the Competition Commission to committing corruption, involving an amount of over R100 million, and has agreed to pay a fine.

How did the white media disappear the R4.3 billion scandal in which Gordhan is implicated? Realising the overwhelming expose by television station ANN7, the white media devised a perfect propaganda campaign.

The Sunday Times and City Press, two different media houses, published the story of so-called emails on their front pages. Evidently, the fact that two different, but white owned, media houses could have the same story, proves that the said story was indeed manufactured by the same source and accordingly fed into the white media platforms.

The e-mails are fake – but since most newspaper readers believe what is printed, they do not suspect that they are being given fake news from such big newspapers. So the white media, abusing the trust that people have in the media, manufactured the story about the Gupta family emails so as to divert attention away from the real shocking corruption in the treasury under Gordhan involving R4.3 billion. None of the newspapers had reported on that at all. The fake e-mails have been used as the smoking gun that would, once and for all, show that the Guptas have captured the state.

The white media had to manufacture the e-mails because there is no evidence of the Guptas ever having captured the state. Also to realise their propaganda, the white media disregarded all known journalism ethics and standards including the basic requirement of giving those written about a chance to react to the allegations. None of this was done which consequently opens the publications to be taken to the Press Ombudsman. It seems however that the white media doesn’t care for what the Press Ombudsman says. This is so because the sanction always comes after the fact and the offending newpapers face no further sanctions. In this process however, the reputation of the people are already destroyed by the fake news.

To create the necessary atmosphere so as to try and project the e-mails as authentic, the pro-white monopoly capital faction of the ANC leadership put a motion of no confidence in relation to President Zuma at the ANC NEC meeting and leaked the proceedings to the same white owned media. This was part of a well coordinated propaganda strategy with maximum impact. The strategy included constant updates and a hype about the possible recall of President Zuma. The motion had no chance of success and the proposer knew this. It’s role was not to remove President Zuma but to remove from the public view the fact that Pravin Gordhan is implicated in massive corruption in cahoots with white monopoly capital.

The strategy has worked. The nation was made to focus on the fake e-mails and in the ANC NEC meeting and thereby remove from view the damning evidence of corruption by Pravin Gordhan. The white owned media is currently not interested in “objective” journalism. They are brazenly pushing the agenda of white monopoly capital, even through manufacturing fake news.

The truth of how the Treasury was looted of R4.3 billion is hurriedly hidden under the heap of fake emails and bogus motions to remove President Zuma. Our lives and thoughts are being manipulated to make sure that we never see white corruption.

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