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Decoding the fake “GuptaLeaks” e-mails

By Tower Trotsky

The white owned media has undertaken a massive misinformation campaign against all the opponents of white monopoly capital. The white owned media has manufactured over 200 000 emails as part of its dirty war against anyone who is fighting white monopoly capital. The source of the e-mails remains mysterious thereby giving credence to the claim that these e-mails are the creation of white monopoly capital itself to discredit its opponents. White monopoly capital media is now openly practicing fake news. It seems like the fake e-mails are mixed with what looks like authentic e-mails. That’s how propaganda works. Below is the first in a series on decoding the e-mails.

The author breaks down some glaring and obvious contradictions in the e-mails.

I have been silent for some time. But I realise that we seem to be caught up in the internecine violence of the ruling class. May I respectfully caution against that. A case in point is the email screen grab sent from the alleged e-mail leaks. Now, my little education in security and decryption matters identifies glaring fakeness, which you may not see. I have done a very quick rough analysis of the emails. Let me point out only a few discrepancies. The others are of a forensic nature and may be too complex:

1. Andile Mngxitama is a fairly learned fellow. He would know that you start sentences with capital letters in a supposedly formal e-mail.

2. There are time discrepancies. The email purporting to be coming from Nazeem Howa to Atul Gupta is very funny. It is addressed to ‘Atul India March 2014’. This does not make sense, because thereafter the later forwarded email is by ‘Atul Gupta’. Now, email protocol is such that if I receive an email, my receiving email will show the same name as the forwarding one. For instance, my receiving email name cannot be ‘Comrade Steve Biko’ and yet when I forward it to you it says ‘Dedan Kimathi’.

3. It is not plausible that Atul would use an ANN7 email. I might be wrong, but I think it is more plausible that he would rather use either Oakbay, Sahara or any of their holding or subsidiary company emails.

4. There is a discrepancy with the times in the emails. The email from Nazeem Howa to Atul India March 2014 is at 9:30PM. Yet, the forwarded email from Atul Gupta to two others is at 8:28GMT+4. Now, we are two hours behind GMT+4. No matter how much you may try to convert the times it simply doesn’t make sense how the time differences work out.

5. The ordering of the names to one of the recipients of the forwarded emails from Atul Gupta is “Rajesh Gupta Tony”. Again, this defies email protocol logic, which should be ‘Rajesh Tony Gupta’ or ‘Tony Rajesh Gupta’. Email protocol is for the surname to come last.

6. Lastly, an email message that usually shows a bold line at the top is a printed one. It would usually have the name of the person who printed it at the top. This one does not have that feature.

Like I say, there are many technical discrepancies here. But what is my point comrades? I hold no brief for Andile. I know that his latest stances are disapproved by many of you. But we don’t say because we disagree with him we should therefore believe any slanderous claims against him. Whether he may or may not have received money from the Guptas is another matter. But these fake emails do not prove that. Nor do I hold a brief for the Guptas. I still hold tight to what we were taught in the Azanian Student Movement (Azasm), that ‘Good Heroes are Dead Heroes’. Hence I have always refused to hero worship leaders, whoever they are. The point I wish to make is that we (the country) have entered into a very dangerous period where accusations and counter accusations, exposes and counter exposes, will be the order of the day. Added to all that will be fake news, emails, scandals etc. Let’s not be caught up in these issues comrades.

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