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The questions white owned media won’t ask Julius Malema

By BO Staff Writer

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have become the darlings of the white owned media ever since they returned from their London trip in 2015 and forged an alliance with the the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). The leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, on a regular basis calls media conferences which are always packed by the representatives of white media where no serious questions are ever asked. The EFF has called another press conference on Thursday and as usual it can be expected that the members of the fourth estate shall be the cheer leaders while Malema insults his opponents and “reveal” untested “facts” – gossip basically.

The front pages of each of the main papers an the white owned media shall repeat Malema’s claims as the gospel truth.

The strategy of white monopoly capital is to promote and sanitise anyone who is fighting to protect white power and Malema has become one of the most effective defenders of white power whilst pretending to be fighting for the poor.

Some of the questions that shall not be asked by the media are the following:

1. Why is the EFF not pulling out of the coalition with the DA if it’s serious about fighting racism in light of open racism by the DA leader, Helen Zille?

2. Why are the poor being evicted from flats and land in the metropolitan councils co-ruled by the EFF and DA?

3. When will EFF release to the public the footage of the secret meeting it held with the representatives of British imperialism like Robin Renwick in October 2015?

4. Just before Malema went to London he said, EFF would occupy ABSA, “next year”, that was in 2015, next year was in 2016 and now it’s 2017 and no occupation of ABSA has happened even after evidence of corruption was revealed by both the Competition Commission and the public protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

5. Malema has never led any occupation of land, why is that? Why has he bought a farm not occupied it?

6. Malema says he paid his tax bill, what is the source of the money he paod with?

7. Is EFF still being funded by the Italian mafia like Mazzotti who paid the despot for election in 2014 for EFF?

8. Why is EFF quite about the R4.3 billion corruption in Treasury under former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan?

9. Is EFF going to open a case of corruption against DSTV, which admitted to collusion to the Competition Commission?

10. Is it true that Lord Robin Renwick instructed EFF not to attend the Black First Land First’s (BLF) Land Imbizo?

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