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“2019 project” exposed, whites to take back political power

By BO Staff Writer

Julius Malema has unwittingly revealed a secret plan to give political power back to whites in 2019. The plan was designed in London and is funded by amongst others Johann Rupert, the Oppenheimer family and Lord Robin Renwick. The plan has been piloted with great success at the last Local Government Elections. Evidently it gained the racist party, the Democratic Allience (DA), some of the most strategic metropolitan cities including Johannesburg and Tshwane with the help of Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The revelation of the “2019 project” came out of an unguarded comment by Malema during the EFF press conference on Thursday afternoon. Malema was ranting about Helen Zille when he said, “but to allow her party [DA] to deteriorate this much, then she is no different from Zuma. She is compromising the 2019 project of removing the ANC.”

Analysts, who asked not to be named, said that Malema had revealed the “2019 project” unwittingly. According to these analysts, only Mmusi Maimane was to speak openly about “project 2019” to prepare his constituency for the EFF coalition in 2019. Malema was advised by London, according to the analysts, that he should not give the plan away of giving whites political power as this may cause black voters to turn against his party.

The further significance of the statement quoted above shows for the first time that Malema sees the DA as the main player in realising the 2019 project. Malema is becoming more and more erratic. According to sources, some people within Malema’s inner circles are worried about his capacity to stay the course. Earlier in the year, when he was pressed on twitter, he cracked and admitted that EFF would again give its votes to the DA in 2019. These gaffes by Malema may prove costly at the polls because blacks are not likely to vote to return whites to power.

The “2019 project” is aimed at giving political power to whites in 2019 using the same coalition arrangement which has surrendered the metros to the DA. Sources say that London is not happy with what they perceive as Malema being clumsy with sensitive information.

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