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Mthubi The Hub attacked by mob

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday morning a mob of about one hundred and fifty black youth attacked Mthubi The Hub – one of the prominent artist collective spaces in Tshwane. The Hub has been under constant pressure from a combination of greedy politicians, criminally minded officials and the University of Pretoria. All these elements want to take the house which the artists have been granted legally.

The mob came in the morning and physically attacked the artists. They threw the contents of The Hub outside and locked the artists out. This is an illegal eviction which was carried out by one or several of those who crave to take over the space and use it for personal gain.

In a statement Mthubi The Hub said, “[w]e weren’t only verbally attacked but also physically attacked, however we are all safe and alive”. The collective also thanked several people who assisted them including members of Black First Land First (BLF).

The real worrying factor is that the artist’s Hub may have been a victim of what was described as an “illegal racist eviction scheme targeting poor blacks in the city” which is run by the University of Pretoria.

Mthubi The Hub has opened a criminal case against those who tried to undertake violent illegal evictions of black artists from the city.

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