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EFF reneges on ultimatum to DA concerning Helen Zille

By BO Staff Writer

All eyes are on the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) after their coalition partner the Democratic Alliance (DA) failed to completely suspend colonialism apologist, Helen Zille.

In one of the EFF’s gossip sessions, conveniently called a press conference, last week, EFF leader Julius Malema, declared to the white media that the party would pull out of its coalition with the DA if Zille was not suspended as Premier.

Malema confidently said, “no party must love individuals more than the party. If they don’t suspend her we will take our votes away.”

He further said, “They must be warned. You will remain with the Western Cape with Johannesburg and Tshwane gone. We don’t want to associate with a party that protects colonialism and apartheid.

“We are (almost there with regard) to withdrawing our votes in those municipalities if you don’t suspend Helen Zille as premier. We are not going to allow that nonsense to continue.”

Backtracking from these original claims, the EFF released a foolish statement now claiming that they are not in a coalition with the DA. Completely going against what Malema had said just the previous week, that Zille is destabilising the coalition partnerships nationally by her arrogance, EFF now says, “it is important to put on record that the EFF is not in any alliance or coalition with the DA; we have no relationship with them, none whatsoever.”

The EFF instead reiterated that it would be handing the party to whites come 2019, by declaring that, “as a country, we are in a difficult position of having to choose kleptocracy and colonialists, gangsters and racists.”

Not fooled by the EFF’s flip-flopping, the Black First Land First (BLF) released a statement saying that “Malema would not be able to end the coalition arrangement for the simple reason that it was never his decision in the first place.”

“It was a decision imposed on the EFF by Lord Robin Renwick from London. The EFF decisions are made in London. Malema has no say on how to deal with the DA. It was Lord Robin Renwick who instructed the EFF to go into coalition with the DA and it is only him who can decide whether the coalition can end. Malema spoke out of turn from his handlers now he has been brought back to line,” the movement said.

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