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Now white monopoly capital turns to Dudu Myeni

By BO Staff Writer

The attack on black senior managers, who are pro-Radical Economic Transformation (RET), is intensifying. White monopoly capital (WMC), emboldened by the silencing of Brian Molefe, Dr Ben Ngubane and Hlaudi Motsoeneng, has now turned its attention to the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the South African Airways (SAA), Dudu Myeni.

Sources who asked not to be named say that the Board of SAA, which was appointed by former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, wants Myeni out of her position. Myeni is seen as a stumbling block to the continued looting of the SAA by WMC which on an annual basis takes 98% of the about R24 billion annual spend of the airline. Gordhan had used his power and influence over Treasury and the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to enrich WMC. It was therefore no surprise to see that the Treasury Internal Audit Report – which reviewed, amongst others, payments made regarding the financial year 2014/15 (1 April 2014 to 31 August 2015) and the adequacy of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) payment procedure – had uncovered various offences including corruption of over R4 billion at Treasury.

The detractors of Myeni have been trying to find an excuse to mount a campaign against her. The so-called “Gupta leaks” have not implicated her in any untoward activities. It would seem that this oversight by the peddlers of the emails has been corrected by manufacturing fake news about Myeni’s non-attendance at crucial meetings.

There seems to be board members working closely with Gordhan and the media who are manufacturing all sorts of lies and slander so as to try and give credence to a campaign to remove Myeni as the chairperson of SAA, which in turn will serve to open the floodgates of corruption by WMC.

As part of a campaign to get rid of the black managers of SOEs who are pro-transformation, newspapers this weekend are turning their attention to Myeni. A well coordinated media campaign is being generated. The aim is to create enough heat so as to force the hand of the Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, to remove Myeni and replace her with a candidate who would be more amenable to the capture of SAA by WMC.

Sources say that Gordhan’s agents inside the SAA Board are worried about the calls for an expanded probe into state capture so as to include state capture by WMC. This concern stems from the fact that the pro-white monopoly capital Pravin Gordhan stooges are aware that the troubles of SAA have little to do with Myeni and everything to do with Coleman Andrews, who walked away with more than R200 million for work of less than two years after selling off the aircraft of the national carrier.

Organisations such as Black First Land First (BLF), ANC Women’s League and Transform RSA have asked for a Judicial Commission of inquiry on SAA so as to get to the bottom of the rot. The SAA Board is aware of this and has been avoiding the issues raised by these organisations.

The big question now is whether the new round of fake news would have the desired effect of removing Myeni so that it can be business as usual at SAA with institutionalised white corruption. Watch out for this coming weekend’s newspapers as they unleash an avalanche of fake news against Dudu Myeni.

The most bizarre aspect of the media onslaught on Myeni is that the Mail & Guardian has unleashed its investigative reporter, Jessica Bezuidenhout on Myeni. Ironically, she is a sister to the former Mango CEO, Nico Bezuidenhout, who was found to be with no academic qualifications befitting his post. Bezuidenhout left under a dark cloud after, while he was the Chairperson of Mango, he gave Shoprite’s Christo Wiese the business of selling SAA tickets and leasing aircrafts through Mcquire Bank. Myeni and Nico Bezuidenhout are known to have had numerous clashes – often very unpleasant ones. It would seem therefore that Myeni is a target of a very personal campaign to avenge a corrupt family member with the assistance of the Mail & Guardian.

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