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Dear Julius Sell-Out Malema, lets have a public debate

By Andile Mngxitama

I have learned that in the morning of June 16, 2017 you took to radio to insult me and the revolutionary movement I represent – Black First Land First (BLF). You can do that on radio or in the numerous press conferences you hold with a bevy of star struck journalists who specialise, like you, in petty hatreds and overblown protection of white monopoly capital.

Julius, you are used to monologues not dialogues. You are spoilt by applause, not engagement. You lie and contradict yourself at will. You amuse your way out of telling the truth because your supposed interlocutors are mere cheerleaders. Are you able to have a real debate, where your insults won’t help you or you aren’t talking to a stadium full of hopeless blacks who have put their hopes on you? In those stadiums you are the Pope. Every word you utter is the gospel truth but that Sir is not debate – it’s a demented sermon to the destitute. It’s no better than feeding snakes to those who are impoverished to a point of surrender to anyone who can even just feign bringing salvation.

I challenge you to a proper debate Sir. A debate where we can agree on the rules beforehand. You see Julius, with me you will have to explain somethings that the white owned media have let you get away with because you are an agent of white monopoly capital. You will have to explain the secret meeting and dealings with the representative of British Imperialism, Lord Robin Renwick. He is the one who makes you look like the liar you are. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA) coalition is managed by London. That’s why last week, you said at the EFF press conference that “no party must love individuals more than the party. If they don’t suspend her [Helen Zille] as premier we will take our vote back!” But you can’t do that because it is not your decision – its Renwick’s!



You will explain the relationship you have with the cigarette smuggler and tax dodger – the Italian Mafioso, Adriano Mazzotti. What interests does he have that makes him pay the bills of a so called socialist party? Do you even remember or know what is the meaning of Marxist-Leninist-Fanonist? I won’t press you too much on the “pitfalls of national consciousness”, because you may have to let go of your Louis Vuitton and other such factors of the gluttonous compradoreal existence you lead.

Julius, how have the media and the so called analysts allowed you to get away with denying that the EFF is in a coalition with the DA? How have they allowed you to deny that a coalition is a coalition? How have you gotten away with claims that you are fighting white monopoly capital when it is blatantly evident that you gave the party of white monopoly capital (DA) political power? Julius, you can only mesmerize the dishonest and the uniformed with your eloquence. How can anyone believe your story that its plausible to join hands with the slave master against the slave and yet claim to be fighting slavery? Let me put it differently. Can you imagine Mandela going into an alliance with PW Botha against Bantustan leaders like Mangosuthu Buthelezi? I don’t want to give you an headache by requesting you to think. Let’s save that reflection for the day of the great debate.

I will leave the problems of a commitment to a Sankarist leadership ethos on the side. After all, you have disappeared it from your very Founding Manifesto. I would rather focus on how you are misleading the poor and landless about the land question. You have unilaterally amended your very “cardinal pillar” on land to ensure that you surrender our land rights to whites. What do you mean by your declaration that you would only give blacks “unused” land? Do you hear yourself speak Julius or are you too noisy even for you to hear, what you are saying?

Sir, you have long abandoned the struggle for land. That struggle is not a statement made at a press conference or a speech made at the safety of the air conditioned benches of the National Assembly. You have a movement with over a million voters, yet you have not lead a single land occupation. You don’t touch the interests of whites – you are a servant of whiteness!

Julius, you are a common liar and a vicious agent of white monopoly capital. The lie you told about withdrawing from the DA coalition is one in a litany of such lies. Do you remember that you also brazenly lied in November 2015 when you said that the EFF will start the next year with occupying all Absa branches. Your next year was in 2016. We are in now 2017 – dololo occupation of ABSA, even after evidence of their corruption was made public. I know why you won’t ever occupy ABSA. It’s a decision you can’t make, because you are captured Sir.

After we are done Julius, the public will know that you have a deal with London to give political power to whites in 2019. But the people will also know that you are a mere corrupt everyday pick pocketer, who is doing the bidding of white monopoly capital for money. You believe in nothing and stand for nothing! You are ideology free – obeying only the logic of money. Your ideology is not Marxism anything – you worship the British pound!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of BLF

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