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BLF to go head-to-head with Helen Zille in High Court, Monday

By BO Staff Writer

The black radical organisation, Black First Land First (BLF) will appear at the Western Cape High Court on Monday for a preliminary hearing against Democratic Alliance (DA) Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, for her colonialism comments.

BLF lodged a complaint of racism against the colonialism praise singer, Zille, with the Equality Court.

“The hearing will determine whether the matter will go to court or whether there be an out of court settlement,” the movement said in a statement, early Saturday morning. “BLF rejects any out of court settlement which doesn’t fully accord with the relief sought as stated in the application submitted when the racism case against Zille was lodged.”

The relief sought by the movement is for Zille to explain what motivated her to make her racist utterances and what changed her mind and caused her to apologise. They want Zille to tell whites to return the stolen land to blacks and to lead her party into accepting the call to amend Section 25 of the current Constitution for land return to blacks without compensation, amongst others.

“The above penalty for BLF is the most appropriate one to impose on Zille. This is so because the destruction of racism is only possible once the institutional basis that makes individual acts of racism possible (such as that by Zille) has been eradicated, and racism shall continue to exist, so long as society is organized within the reality of white power,” the movement said.

Read BLF’s full statement here.

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