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BLF corrects ABSA media reports, “our right to protest assured”

By BO Staff Writer

It was an eventful day yesterday for the black consciousness party, Black First Land First (BLF). Early in the the morning, BLF appeared before the Johannesburg High Court to argue against an interdict by the South African National Editor’s Forum (SANEF) preventing them from protesting at the homes of white racist journalists like Peter Bruce.

The movement argued that it believed in free speech and a free media, but was vehemently against journalists using this as an excuse to cover up white corruption and be openly racist against black people.

The judgement on the matter which was deemed to be urgent by a white judge, will be heard today at 12 noon.

After the fiery court appearance, members of BLF went to shut down an ABSA branch which is located opposite the BLF Headquarters. They were demanding the bank pay back more than R1 billion owed to the South African public.

ABSA subsequently launched an urgent court interdict against BLF, giving the movement only 30 minutes to respond to the papers. After deliberating in court, ABSA and BLF agreed that BLF’s right to protest would not be disturbed, as long as BLF did this within the law. ABSA then released a media statement claiming it had interdicted BLF and that they were not allowed to protest in their branches. BLF has responded to this misinformed statement by ABSA.

Read BLF’s full statement below:

BLF will fight racism by any means necessary!

Black First Land First (BLF) is an anti-racist organization. That means our primary objective is to end racism which is a consequence of white supremacy, which in the economic sphere manifests as white monopoly capital.

The primary contradiction in South Africa remains white supremacy. That’s why blacks remain at the bottom, 23 years after the whites gave us the vote and kept the country.

BLF understands that those who own the means of production (economy) are also by extension those who control the media, parliament and the courts. These institutions are primarily established to serve the interests of those who own the means of production. In South Africa, those who own the means of production are whites, more specifically white monopoly capital. It goes without saying that our courts and media therefore essentially are there to serve th interests of whites.

Yesterday, ABSA, out of total panic as a result of BLF comrades shutting down one of its branches in Johannesburg in demand that it pays back the money, rushed to High Court. They gave BLF only 30 minutes to prepare for the appearance. ABSA, using its power derived from being owners of the media, issued a false statement to the media. ABSA was granted only an interim interdict and the court assured BLF of its right to protest. BLF will exercise this right to the full extend of the law. ABSA will pay back the money.

BLF today at 12:00 will be in court to hear the judgment of a white judge on the matter brought before court by racist white journalists. Again here BLF is clear that no racist has a right to be racist.

A program of action will be announced after court.

Land or death!


7 July 2017

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