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White media producing fake news against BLF

By BO Staff Writer

White monopoly capital is so terrified of Black First Land First (BLF) that it has unleashed a propaganda war against the movement. BLF is growing fast as more and more black people see it as the only alternative to fight white monopoly capital. Last week BLF scored major victories from meeting the Competition Commission to getting the Insurance giant MiWay to commit to transformation.

BLF has also scored a stunning victory against the white media when News24 lost an appeal against the movement. BLF had lodged a complaint with the Press Ombud against the fake news that News24 had generated in April this year in relation to Professor Chris Malikane. News24 was subsequently found guilty but chose to appeal the Press Ombud’s ruling so as to prolong the time that the Professors name stayed in disrepute due to the fake news. However, Judge Ngoepe dismissed the application for appeal by News24 and upheld the Ruling of the Press Ombud which was in favor of BLF. This shows that News24, which is owned by Koos Bekker under the colonial and racist stable called Naspers, is involved in fake news.

To try and destabilize BLF the white owned media and its agents, like Julius Malema, have unleashed a new wave of fake news. They know that there is little that anyone can do because the media is not regulated. The story about the President of BLF, Andile Mngxitama, taking instructions to write a story is a lie. He has promised to take the matter to the Press Ombud again.

Mngxitama said that News24 has fabricated the story. Moreover they don’t care because they know that even if the Press Ombud finds against them, the whole object of the complaint against them would be defeated. This would be the case since the finding against them will come too late – by then the damage shall have been done and all one (being the aggrieved party) can get is a feeble apology from the perpetrator.

Mngxitama says that he will ask the Press Ombud to look at the following facts:

“1. I was called by News24 about a certain email, I explained I didn’t know what they were inquiring about.

2. I asked that they send me the e-mail they were referring to.

3. To this end I gave them my e-mail address (which they should have anyway if emails were sent to me or if I sent emails from my email address).

4. They were supposed to call me again after they had sent me the e-mail and I had familiarized myself with its contents.

5. They never sent the e-mail to me.

6. They never called back”.

The facts indicated by the BLF President suggests a clear transgression of the code of ethics and conduct for print and online media. Mngxitama says that all the white owned media houses have since ran with the story without getting his side of the story. “This is a coordinated attack to try and divert attention from white monopoly capital corruption” he said.

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