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Andile Mngxitama responds to Julius Malema: Yes I’m broke, just like all black people

By BO Staff Writer

Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama, has responded to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema’s, accusations that he is drowning in debt which made him take money from the Gupta’s. Mngxitama’s responded to Malema by saying that he didn’t view receiving money from the Guptas as a scandal.

“BLF is fighting white monopoly capital. Everyday our movement is in direct confrontation with it. The Gupta’s, for their own reasons, are fighting white monopoly capital – they are an enemy of white monopoly capital. To the extent that the Gupta’s are at war with white monopoly capital, they are a strategic ally of BLF. You know what they say, an enemy of your enemy is your friend,” Mngxitama pointed out.

Clarifying his situation Mngxitama boldly declared, “[f]or the record I’m broke and I’m not ashamed of this. I’m with the millions of our people who are broke. That’s why we want Radical Economic Transformation. We (are) excluded!”

Suggesting that Malema was not rising to the level of real politics, an unbecoming characteristic of a true leader, Mngxitama set the limits of meaningful engagement. He sharply intimated the levels at which he will not descend to.

“We are going to keep our politics above the personal. We shall never inquire (into) or joke about Juju’s weight loss. We won’t ask about how he manages to live like that (being excessively) on a R50k salary. We wont ask him about his sexuality,” the BLF leader indicated.

Against this backdrop he then declared, instead, “[w]e will ask him how is giving political power to land thieves (the DA) helping black liberation. We will ask him who stopped him from occupying ABSA. We will ask him why he couldn’t follow through with his threat to withdraw from the coalition with the DA if Helen Zille didn’t withdraw from being a Premier of Western Cape. We keep it ideological and political.”

Malema has been asked previously by Mngxitama to account for, amongst other things, why he looted the Limpopo treasury and caused it to collapse. Malema is reportedly said to have siphoned millions from the provincial State coffers via On-Point and SGL Engineering Projects, the two business entities owned by him and his Ratang Family Trust. His alleged criminal actions are said to have constituted tender fraud and corruption which in turn enriched him with over R400 million worth of provincial contracts since from about 2007.

Mngxitama reiterated his offer to debate Malema on, amongst others, all of the above political issues.

“The offer of the debate stands. Our fight is with White Monopoly Capital”, he said.


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