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Are you ready for a Cyril Ramaphosa presidency?

By BO Staff Writer

British imperialism wants Cyril Ramaphosa to be South Africa’s next president, by hook or crook. Exclusively speaking to Black Opinion, sources have revealed that under the direction of British imperialist and coup plotter, Robin Renwick, the opposition parties have been ordered to support the presidency of Ramaphosa. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) in particular have been instructed to do so. The strongest indication of this arrangement was revealed unwittingly by EFF leader, Julius Malema recently when he said he would be willing to go back to the African National Congress (ANC) if Jacob Zuma is removed as its president and arrested for his alleged crimes.

This is part of the strategy of imperialism to catapult Ramaphosa into presidency. London has planned for two scenarios which wrest on who emerges as the president of the ANC in December.

The first scenario is that if Ramaphosa emerges as the president of the ANC in December, it will be easy for him to simply work with the EFF and the DA to consolidate the interests of white monopoly capital. It is well known that Ramaphosa is not threat against capital, but instead reinforces it. At this point, Dr Makhosi Khoza would be reincorporated back into the ANC. Currently, the plan is that Khoza and the South African Communist Party (SACP) should operate outside of the ANC to test public sympathy for a break away party in case Ramaphosa does not emerge in December, in which case, the second scenario will come into play.

If Ramaphosa does not emerge as ANC president in December, he will lead a new formed political party, which will be based on the support of the Communist party and whatever support Khoza is able to garner. Khoza is deliberately instigating a process for her to be expelled from the ANC. In this way, she will be able to argue that the ANC is corrupt and that she stands for anti-corruption. Khoza is a ticket they will use to see if there is an appetite for a break-away party. The opposition parties will use the same method that they used to wrestle the metros away from the ANC. There will be a coalition between the EFF, DA and Ramaphosa’s newly formed party.

Imperialism wants President Jacob Zuma gone because he is seen as having looked away from Western influence and is now advocating for more radical policies such as land expropriation without compensation, an implementation of the mining charter which calls for more community centred ownership of mines, and radical economic transformation, all which threaten the interests of white monopoly capital.

Part of testing the support for a Ramaphosa presidency is testing the support for President Zuma in a secret ballot to remove him, which is coming up on August 8. It is hoped that there are enough Members of Parliament (MPs) who will vote against President Zuma. This is the same strategy which was used against former Brazil president, DIlma Rousseff.

Sources have confirmed that there are about 60 (MPs) who have already been paid to vote against Zuma in a secret ballot – Malema has also publicly mentioned this. That is part of an overall plan which is calculated to bring Ramaphosa to presidency.

White monopoly capital does not trust anyone else besides Ramaphosa to ascend to presidency and they will do anything, including paying large sums of money to MPs, to make this happen.


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