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amaBhungane peddler of fake news

By BO Staff Writer

Black Opinion is republishing the following article that appeared on the BLF website on 29 July 2017:

Black First Land First (BLF) has long known that the so-called investigative journalist outfit amaBhungane is a peddler of fake news. The group is a mere bulldog of white monopoly capital. Now the truth is out! BLF believes that amaBhungane preplanned the disruption of their own event as a ploy to get BLF leadership and members arrested for contravening the Hight Court interdict brought by some of its members.

Here are the facts to substantiate BLF’s conclusion in this regard:

1. The statement issued by amaBhungane on the 28 July 2017 (one day after the event) was drafted on the 18 of July 2017. We ask, why draft a statement about an event that was to happen so many days later? This is how apartheid spies used to frame the liberation movement leaders so as to get them convicted for crimes they never committed. This method of creating and planting evidence against revolutionaries was well established by the apartheid regime.

2. The amaBhungane statement for the first time reveals that there was a “knife” which was brandished during the so-called disruption of the event. This is a pure lie invented by amaBhungane on 18 July to try and tarnish the revolutionary reputation and image of BLF. We have all seen hundreds of tweets and dozens of write-ups by the more than 100 journalists who were at the amaBhungane event on 27 July 2017 – not a single one has mentioned that a “knife” had been “brandished” at any stage. We ask where is the footage or a photograph showing the knife being “brandished”? We further ask, why not open a criminal case regarding the alleged knife brandishing action? The reason for the failure to institute criminal proceedings in this respect is because there is no material evidence to back the fake news cooked by amaBhungane.

3. The so-called journalist of amaBhungane who attacked Mngxitama is on record saying that he was pushed to the floor by some of the participants. This is another lie. Where is the footage and where are the photographs of the journalist being pushed on the floor? This is how brazen the fake news manufacturers have become. They lie with straight faces!

4. Stephen Brummer is one of the prized so-called investigative journalists of amaBhungane. How come he has no clue of the basics of journalism? He says that he attacked the President of BLF, Comrade Mngxitama, because he believed that he (Mngxitama) was linked to the group that was singing at the event. Upon what evidence was this conclusion formed? Why didn’t he establish the facts before making such a far fetched conclusion? This is how amaBhungane does its “investigative journalism” – it produces fake news in defence of white monopoly capital which in turn funds it. To this end it rubbishes and slanders all those who are fighting white monopoly capital.

BLF is considering opening another criminal case against amaBhungane based on its attempts to frame and defame our movement. The plan to try and tarnish the revolutionary name and reputation of our movement was planned weeks before the event of the 27th of July as amaBhungane’s own statement shows. In this regard, BLF will submit evidence of amaBhungane’s fabrication of bogus news to the investigating officer of the criminal case opened against Stephen Brummer of amaBhungane.

BLF will further submit a complaint to the Press Ombud against amaBhungane for manufacturing fake news. It is clear that amaBhungane is not an investigative journalist outfit. It is a mere bulldog of white monopoly capital involved in manufacturing fake news through fabricating evidence. It is clear that the emails that amaBhungane have been making so much noise about, are its own creation – just like their pre-drafted statement of 18 of July 2017 and the brandished knife that emerged from thin air at the event.

It is now clear why amaBhungane is trying to shut down BLF through the abuse of the process of the court as well as through pressurizing the police to arrest our members. Evidently, amaBhungane is afraid that BLF will expose their lies. BLF challenges amaBhungane to a public debate.

We warn our people to be careful of the lies spread by amaBhungane – it is using old apartheid methods of espionage, deception, disinformation and smear campaigns. amaBhungane is hard at work manufacturing evidence to cover up the massive corruption by white monopoly capital. BLF has long known that the outfit is fake. Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

29 July 2017

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