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EFF drops from 60 000 to 7000 at rallies

By BO Staff Writer

The fourth anniversary of Julius Malema’s party exposed it as a diminished outfit from its robust beginnings. In the early years of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), it’s rallies were massive affairs regularly clocking over sixty thousand supporters. Things have changed drastically – the fourth anniversary was attended by about seven thousand people. This is a monumental climb down in numbers.

The pro white monopoly capital media has been doing its best to prop up the EFF since its leader has been captured by Robin Renwick and Johann Rupert. Normally the media is the first to proclaim the massive numbers. Not this time. Only the Citizen, in one of its reports, confirmed that only 7000 people attended the anniversary celebrations.

These low numbers must worry Malema as well as his handlers who have put in a lot of money into growing the EFF. Malema crisscrossed KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) on a helicopter as he tried to drum support for the birthday rally – he even tried to fool the people with buying the Zulu King cattle as a gift. The people of KZN did not buy Malema’s story. A large section of the crowd of 7000 people was bussed in from the other provinces.

The media, through fake news, is manufacturing the lie that the EFF is growing in leaps and bounds. Hard evidence shows a different picture all together. It is clear that many black people are questioning Malema as to why he gave the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) the votes that they had given the EFF. Also black people are beginning to see that the EFF is not about fighting for land – its about fighting President Zuma on behalf of white monopoly capital and land thieves.

Malema’s dream of being the President of South Africa in 2019 looks as thin as the actual numbers that attended the fourth anniversary celebrations of EFF. What is clear is that money is not everything. The people want an ideology and a movement that is revolutionary, not empty talk that pleases London!


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