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Winnie Mandela rejects racist DA

By BO Staff Writer

The defiant former liberation fighter, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has rejected the opportunistic and racist Democratic Alliance (DA). In a statement, Madikizela-Mandela lambasted the party for appropriating the African National Congresses (ANC) struggle songs and leaders, especially given the history of the racist party. Read the full statement by the ANC stalwart below:

It is unbelievable that the DA sings ANC freedom songs from the camps of MK in exile‚ composed by members of MK in difficult times in exile outside South Africa. To add insult to injury‚ the DA shouts ANC and MK slogans. How is it possible that the Democratic Alliance shout ‘Viva‚ DA‚ Viva’‚ when it has its history and roots firmly anchored in apartheid and racial discrimination? That very slogan‚ ‘Viva ANC‚ Viva!’ was banned in apartheid South Africa.

When Mrs Winnie Mandela turned up at the Robin Island prison to visit her husband‚ Nelson Mandela‚ she was more often then not turned back‚ because she wore ANC-coloured clothes and gave the clenched fist salute‚ shouting‚ ‘Viva ANC‚ Viva!

DA’s abuse of the ANC’s revered struggle history and its highly respected leaders like Nelson Mandela‚ shows an unbelievable insensitivity and disrespect.

The late Nelson Mandela never wanted to have his name prostituted. Now‚ he cannot defend himself to correct the abusive plagiarism of his name. In fact‚ Nelson Mandela defined the DA as ‘a party of white bosses and black stooges’.”

Neither Helen Zille‚ nor Musi Maimane‚ nor the DA had ever been quoted by the ANC‚ or the PAC.

Whenever the DA’s Musi Maimane hurls disrespectful abuse at 74-year-old President Jacob Zuma‚ the elder MPs across the parliamentary floor and from whichever party‚ excluding the DA of course‚ tell Maimane bluntly‚ ‘Sit down‚ boy!’”

Why the DA never mentioned its own founding fathers and why the party should go out of its way to refer to other political parties’ historic leaders.

Is the DA hiding its foundation and history? Similar to the old apartheid strategies of ‘Strategic Communication (Strat-Com)’‚ the DA seems to use the same propagandistic tactics of “70% facts and 30% fiction”‚ to particularly confuse the illiterate aged in the townships.

“I was a victim of Stratcom. I know their evil tactics. They deliberately sow confusion that could lead to new blood shedding. But‚ the time of the agents of confusion’s tactics of skop‚ skiet and donder propaganda and plagiarism is over.

The above leads one to believe‚ that the DA is morally‚ ethically and intellectually bankrupt‚” Madikizela-Mandela stated.

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