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BLF fearless in the face of WMC terrorism

By Ncamisile Sibiya

Black First Land First (BLF) has been resolute and fearless in the face of terrorism perpetrated against them by agents of white monopoly capital (WMC). This terrorism was again being enacted by journalists on Radio 702 this morning (2 August 2017), where black journalists Eusebius McKaiser, Ferial Haffajee, Vuyo Mvoko and Sam Mkokeli talked extensively about how they plan to deal with BLF.

BLF has been challenging the overtly and covertly racist reportage of white journalists who not only demonize black leaders in the political, social, and economic spheres, but even go so far as to cover-up and normalise corruption by white people.

BLF has simply been expressing their view to white journalists – that their racist reportage would no longer be tolerated. Since then, the media fraterinity that is paid by, and beholden to, white monopoly capital, has been hauling BLF to court in an attempt to muzzle the revolutionary voice of BLF.

What is most insidious, is that these white beneficiaries of aparthied are using Black people as stooges to do their dirty work: first Mahlatse Gallens was used to take BLF to court on behalf of the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) and today Eusebius McKaiser and other black journalists are planning to once again take BLF to court. It appears that white monopoly capital is particularly incensed by BLF President Andile Mngxitama. To this end it was revealed by Sam Mkokeli of SANEF, that SANEF is doing everything legally possible to put the BLF President behind bars. Not only is this shocking and worrying, but it also shows that white monopoly capital knows very well that the Roman-Dutch legal system of South Africa, was designed to serve them since 1652.

As black people, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be turned against each other by white people and white monopoly capital. History shows us time and again that white people and white monopoly capital are adept at engineering black on black violence, only to later subjugate the victor in those conflicts.

Let us stand united behind BLF. Let us all be fearless, despite the well documented ruthlessness of white monopoly capital.

The above article was first published in the blog of Ncamisile Sibiya on 2 August 2017.


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