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Let’s ponder on what Malema is really trying to do

By Yerushka Chetty

In the context of white monopoly capital, supported by house negroes, denying that white monopoly capital exists, Julius Malema takes months to admit that it does indeed exists. But, immediately after making the admission he attacks so called Indians of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) for being racist (blacks can’t be racist) and economic thugs (blacks don’t own the economy and therefore can’t be grouped into the category of economic thugs also known as (aka) white monopoly capital. Let’s also remember that the founding documents of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of 4 years ago stated that it (EFF) was formed to destroy white monopoly capital. So Malema’s reluctance to admit the existence of white monopoly capital is not ideologically innocent.

Hmmm… take a moment and ponder what this leader is really trying to do.

You see in rhetoric this leader says “white monopoly capital exists”, but in action his call (a consistent anti black call) is to attack so called Indians, aka black business, aka Gupta business, aka any economic threat to white monopoly capital.

To spell it out, this leader used EFF’s 4th birthday anniversary gathering to call on fighters to protect white monopoly capital against any economic threat from black business – after telling fighters that white monopoly capital exists and is evil.

The EFF birthday anniversary celebration in KZN expressed itself as a furtherance of the Gupta/Zupta/Zuma must go campaign. Funded by Johann Rupert and Robin Renwick this birthday anniversary celebration was more a celebration of the strength of white domination than the fight to end it. And if EFF’s funders have any say (which they do) white monopoly capital will reign for another 300 years via the support EFF is giving it now – sad state indeed.

I must admit Julius Malema is a master manipulator. From the outside, it feels like me being a good friend to the EFF fighters who are in an abusive relationship with a manipulative dangerous partner. But we all know those in abusive relationships are the last ones who want to admit the truth to themselves!

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