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Will Msholozi and Mngxitama fall tomorrow?

By Andile Mngxitama

It has come to this. White Monopoly Capital (WMC) has choreographed the end of its most irksome adversaries to a tee. Tomorrow, President Jacob Zuma is facing a parliamentary conspiracy sponsored by WMC. The story has not been told but it makes for depressing reading. WMC has openly offered money to President Zuma to get him to step down. He has refused to entertain the open bribe. I call it a “bribe” because they don’t call it “state capture” when whites openly say they will pay the president to step down so that they can appoint a president they want.

Daily Maverick, the bulldog of WMC, has even put the figure of R2 billion as the blood money for Msholozi to disappear. When done by WMC, it’s not a scandal, it’s not corruption, it’s merely ‘serving the people’. If this is the first time you are hearing about this open offer, it’s because the media has underplayed it, or reported it as normal so you don’t pick up this massive open solicitation for state capture.

Tomorrow, 8 August 2017, is also reserved to have me fined R100 000 and get a three months jail term “suspended indefinitely”. Think about an indefinite sentence. It’s like slavery – once you leave the door of no return you will never see the mother land again. When whites enslaved each other they had an exit point and a reason for enslaving each other, which was war or committing a crime. There was an exit point, you could work yourself out of slavery and your children generally where not slaves. But, when white people enslaved blacks they stopped those niceties. There was no reason needed to enslave us except our blackness. There was no exit point, one was a slave indefinitely and one’s children where enslaved too. In South Africa we saw this “indefinite” story with the “detentions without trial” under the Suppression of Communism Act. We also saw that when they couldn’t get Robert Sobukwe on these evil laws, they made a special law to keep him indefinitely in jail, called the “Sobukwe Clause”.

Why is WMC gunning for Msholozi and Mngxitama?:

Think about it, it’s a double whammy for the enemies of WMC, Mngxitama and Msholozi going down on the same day?That’s the plan.

We all know why they want Msholozi gone, the man has turned his back against the West and is looking East. We all know that story of BRICS instead of London, ending the slave-like trading treaties (one of the few African countries to do so, Thabo Mbeki had sold the country to the highest bidder). We all know about the call for independence from the World Bank and the IMF through establishing the BRICS Development Bank. Then there was the withdrawal of South Africa from the white world Kangaroo court, the International Criminal Court (ICC). As if all these were not enough, then Zuma stated without hesitation his support for land expropriation without compensation. In the middle of these moves Zuma shocked the white world to the core with the removal of its darling Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, who has been serving WMC with distinction at the expense of the people. You would have thought the peasant of Nkandla was done, no, he was just warming up. He instructed his minister of mines to give 30% of the mines to blacks within 12 months. Makes you think right?

The response of WMC has been swift and brutal. A massive propaganda war has been launched to try project Msholozi as a play thing in the hands of the Guptas. A campaign of lies based entirely on manufactured news was unleashed. From Zuma’s Dubai home, to plans of the president fleeing the country. The propaganda war took new and more daring feats with the invention of the “GuptaLeaks”, a swath of emails created by WMC as evidence of wrong doing by the president. The “GuptaLeaks” are supposedly the smoking gun they have been looking for. The Nkandla scandal was not big enough, now they have a mountain of wrong doing, they say. The emails were true only because the white owned and funded media said so. People implicated in the emails where guilty as charged. But, it’s now months since the emails were released and not one person has been indicted on the basis of the emails, but they keep giving one front page sensational story after the other. No one knows what the source of the emails is and no one cares. The whole point is to create mass hysteria and hatred against President Zuma.

Right now there is no appetite by ordinary people to go out into the streets. It has been white middle class racists and the opposition parties who have thus far marched against Zuma. The hope is that the judiciary would provide enough cover for the anti-Zuma sentiment, like it has done in Brazil. They hope once the environment of hate is ripe then the legislature will be bribed to vote in secret to get rid of the President. However, right now mass action by the poor is not likely, even with the getting together of the newly formed pro-capital trade unions under Zwelinzima Vavi’s SAFTU. As things stand, the hope for a parliamentary coup is that the 60 bought African National Congress (ANC) Members of Parliament (MPs) will, through the secret ballot, deliver the head of the President to Johann Rupert and Co. Since the speaker ruled for a secret ballot, then it’s almost a given that the 60 Judases will deliver. So Tuesday is a big day for WMC.

On the other hand, Black First Land First (BLF) has become one of the most vocal defenders of President Jacob Zuma’s program. BLF supports land expropriation without compensation, the Mining Charter and the BRICS process. BLF was one of the most elated entities when Pravin Gordhan was recalled. It’s true, BLF has been giving ideological clarification for supporting President Zuma, including its daring campaign, “Hands Off President Zuma- Economic Liberation Now!” It’s a known fact that BLF has been an irritation on the side of WMC, exposing its massive corruption and its state capture manoeuvres. BLF has provided a fairly effective counter narrative to the London designed “state capture” mantra designed to move our attention from WMC.

BLF has to be silenced, together with Msholozi, and it would be better to do so on the same day. Honest observers would wonder why the white journalists have decided on an “urgent” application against BLF on the August 8? If it was so urgent, why not last Friday? Why not Monday? They chose Tuesday for good political and symbolic reasons. They have, through the WMC founded and funded Amabhungane and South African National Editors Forum (SANEF), turned to court in an attempt to sell it an improbable story. They want to say to the court, Mngxitama is a threat to media freedom. They will say, Mngxitama and BLF have contravened the terms of the court interdict. They hope to cash in on the racist logic of ‘blacks are guilty until they are proven otherwise’ to get the decision they want. It makes no difference to them that in fact, I am the victim of racist violence by one of them and have a case number to prove it. It makes no difference to them that they have been writing a litany of fake stories about BLF and its leaders without so much as affording them a right to give our side of the story. It makes no difference that already they have lost an appeal by the Press Ombudsman against BLF for fake news. They have refused to apologise as instructed by their own Press Ombud. BLF has once more taken another of their fake stories to the Press Ombudsman. They don’t care, they know it will only be in four months when the matter is settled and if their own Press Ombud says they must apologise, they will ignore him and launch another series of fake news. Victims of media brutalisation have no recourse to justice.

BLF has been asking for an open debate with Amanbhungane and Daily Maverick. We have been denied this right in print and when we pay to enter “public debates” with the hope of speaking back to those who lie about us, we are denied right of entry in the old apartheid style of “Whites only”. Reading the papers submitted to court to try get the leader of BLF convicted recalls how being black is being guilty. The victim is painted as the aggressor, it’s the old story. They came to Africa to steal our land and when we fought back we were called “terrorists”.

Let me say it upfront, I don’t expect any court of law governed by the racist precepts of Roman Dutch Law to give me justice. BLF and our logic represent the very thing the whole legal framework is designed to suppress. Evidence doesn’t matter. Between my word and the word of the white man, court will a priori accept the white man’s word. It’s a white court, white law.

On Tuesday, BLF shall put its black story to court without any expectation of justice. We are already guilty, we have been guilty since 1652. No, they need no reason for our guilt in the same way they needed no reason to enslave and colonise us. As we face Tuesday we are prepared for the white law. Anyone who chooses to fight the white system must be prepared for the whole white supremacist edifice to come down hard on them. They want me to pay R100 000 in seven days. They know I’m broke. Then they want me gone for 90 days and suspended forever. I might as well wear the orange prison garb everyday of my life. They want me in prison proper whilst I’m here outside. Then they will as they have always been, provoke me everyday in a demented game of trying to break my spirit.

Will Tuesday be the beginning of the end? Maybe. The question is though, the end of who? The settler colonialists with all their evil schemes or the new resistance? Will they win the battle and lose the war? Will they arouse in the sleeping giant of our people a new sense of indignation? They hope we surrender but it may just be the resurrection of Bambatha.

Tuesday has been designed to be the day when WMC turns the tide against its opponents yet again. Only in the long term shall we know what the actual impact of Tuesday shall be. We have been ready since 1652!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First

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