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Has the Brazil moment arrived in SA?

By BO Staff Writer

Imperialism has successfully removed the democratically elected president of Brazil through a parliamentary coup not so long ago. Brazil is a member of BRICS and had been under the Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT (Workers Party) for a while. White monopoly capital got tired of the Brazilian government serving the poor and simply bought Members of Parliament (MPs) to remove the president by, amongst other things, preferring false charges of corruption against her.

Like in South Africa (SA), in Brazil a campaign against corruption was led by the corrupt. In SA Julius Malema is leading an anti corruption campaign against President Zuma. The irony of this is lost to most. The white owned media is leading the propaganda war to paint the agents of white monopoly capital as those fighting against what it calls “state capture” by the Guptas, who don’t even own 1% of the South African economy.

The rhythm inflicted by imperialism is the same: economic terrorism is unleashed through inflation and a run on the currency; and a job loses blood bath is created so as to deepen poverty which in turn is blamed on the “corruption” of the president. This is how they manage to get the people on the streets.The final leg of this rhythm is to buy Members of Parliament and of the Judiciary.

In SA, the economy has refused to play ball. It has just gone into stagnation but has not declined to the levels they want. President Zuma has now made collusion a crime. It is therefore more difficult to manipulate the rand after the 17 banks were recently found guilty by the Competition Commission. The masses are refusing to go out and shout “Zuma must go!” It is now left to the courts and the bought out Members of Parliament. The coup campaign in SA doesn’t have any popular support despite the hysteria being unleashed by the media in this respect. The heavily sponsored Save SA march yesterday was a joke.

The agents of white monopoly capital and coup have now resorted to intimidation so as to try and shut the country down. A fake letter on a police letterhead has been circulated warning people not go to work. In Soweto, agents of London and of white monopoly capital have been going to schools and intimidating the principals to shutdown their schools or face the consequences. It’s a fascist attempt at pressuring people into submission.

Today SA will know if the country is finally sold to white monopoly capital completely. Up until now the legislature had a measure of relative autonomy. After today, we may have a Johann Rupert parliament. It’s time to defend the country; time wake up!


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