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Who is misleading who?

By Botsang Moiloa

Julius Malema gets misled to remove Mbeki from power. He also gets misled to remove Zuma from power. This time gona o bone masepa struu.

How can a smart person like Juju boy always get misled and later apologise? He has apologized about his previous utterances about Mandela. He has apologised to MaMbeki, to Winnie, to Mbeki, to Buthelezi, to Bantu etc. He is forever apologising and yet some people still believe him.

I have long said there are two people I will never debate on social media as ke a batshaba ka ditlhapa. But I have observed how the man from Seshego is perpetually apologetic.

These days he is even friends with Hanekom who fired him, Ramaphosa who he accused of killing people in Marikana and above all Terror Lekota who he fired with Mbeki.

But most interestingly Julius Malema is in an unholy alliance with the white racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) – just imagine, two organisations that exist to entrench white supremacy and white land ownership in bed with a supposed to be “Socialist, Radical, 7 Cardinalled Pillared” organisation formed to economically liberate blacks from white domination and exclusion.

Which normal person still politically believes Julius Malema? Let us look at politics only and leave all the other things out. Where does he and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) stands.

Yes ANC has failed blacks. Yes AZAPO and PAC failed in mainstream politics. And we all know that the DA is growing and benefitting whites.

Besides its Zuma must go campaign, where does the EFF stand politically? He, Mr Malema, even says that the EFF’s objective is to remove Zuma because they love the ANC. So cardinal pillar number 1 of the EFF is actually “Zuma must go”. And the EFF has 8 main cardinal pillars, or is it just one – Zuma must go!



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