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An open letter to Amabhungane: Let’s have an open debate

By Andile Mngxitama

Dear Amabhungane

It has been a fairly tumultuous few weeks. The contest over what the truth is and who are the villains in the South African political and economic spheres is far from over. I speak as one of those who are openly opposed to your nefarious agenda of maintaining the white status quo over the wealth of the nation.

Let’s all try to be honest, a value I know you find foreign. The truth is that our bitter differences are based on the claims and counter-claims about who are the looters of the national assets. You have chosen the weapon of mass propaganda in the true nature of fake news production to try make invisible the main looters, which is white monopoly capital. Your main weapon is the moniker “state capture”. The villians in your dirty books are the Guptas and the state president, Jacob Zuma. Our retort is that the South African modern state was founded and was captured by white monopoly capital from day one. The noise about state capture is precisely to defend and make invisible real state capture and institutionalised corruption by white capital – your very own sponsors. We all know, a fact you also can not deny, that Amabhungane is funded by global and local white capital.

This letter should also correctly be directed at the Daily Maverick, since you all hunt as a pack like hyenas in search of carcasses to devour to ensure nothing is left of the victims of white monopoly capital. I also know this invitation is directed at three white men who represent Amabhungane. Quick question, how did you get a native name for your anti-native outfit? It strikes me as another act of theft after land theft.

Anyway, let me get to the meat of the matter. As you’re aware, the high court matter didn’t end pretty for yours truly. But I’m appealing the decision and hoping for a more favourable outcome. I also note things didn’t quite go your way and if we were allowed a postponement we are certain things could have gone really badly for you all, since your case is entirely based on fake evidence contrived to give a false picture, all in a desperate hope to shut down debate and possible exposer of your trade as nothing but high class peddling of lies in defence of white power.

The high court didn’t give you your full pound of flesh as you demanded. The court didn’t grant the payment of a R100 000 fine within seven days. I saw how Sam Sole looked like a man who has seen a ghost when the ruling was read. The confusion written on his faced moved the judge to inquire if the man was alright. Sole was even more confused by the judge’s comment on his state of confusion. It was poetic justice when the same judge complimented the Black First Land First (BLF) provincial leader for showing an elevated understanding of proceedings. I thought that was a fitting imagery to the possible outcomes of a debate between our outfits. Maybe that explains why Amabhungane are literally running away from a debate with BLF.

The judge ordered that Amabhungane must grant BLF a debate. That’s the reason for this open letter. BLF says the things you have been writing based on your catch of gold fallen from a moving truck is all hogwash. The so called e-mail leaks are your creation to manufacture fake news to divert our attention from serious crimes of white monopoly capital.

I hereby once more appeal for the debate between Amabhungane and BLF. This debate has now been ordered by court. Are you going to run away yet again? Give us the date, time and venue. To avoid any excuses, if you are terrified of the black people of BLF (granted some of our members do look scary), then we can have a Skype debate. See, Mr Sole and company, there is no running away from this. No white bodyguards at the door to shut out debate.

Amabhungane claims to rely on solid evidence. You claim to be corruption busters. You claim to be involved in investigative journalism. All these claims will be exposed as the creation of fiction writers who have duped the unsuspecting reading public.

Come gentlemen, let’s Rumble in the Jungle!


Yours truly

Andile Mngxitama
President of BLF

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