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BLF-SM UKZN hosted a successful #BlackWave and Political Lecture

By BO Staff Writer

Black Opinion is reissuing the following article which was previously published on the BLF website on 13 August 2017:

Black First Land First Student Movement University of KwaZulu Natal (BLF-SM UKZN) acknowledges the resounding response and support by the UKZN community over the week long #BlackWave. BLF-SM went from residence-to-residence engaging on a door-to-door campaign, participated and contributed to a free decolonised education debate and hosted the Think Black sessions on Wednesdays. During the course of the week, BLF-SM members were stationed on campus with a purpose of engaging students on the question of land return, free decolonised education, Hands Off President Zuma, Economic Liberation Now, and the week culminated with a political lecture by BLF president, Andile Mngxitama on Friday, at the Howard College Theatre.

On BLF’s Land Petition which asks the question, “should we buy back stolen land”, the response by the UKZN community was a resounding NO!, which clearly means that students say “we can’t buy back our stolen land”, and that the regime change plot by white monopoly capital to topple the democratically elected president, Jacob Zuma, serves white interests.

Over the week, more than 1500 people were engaged. More than 250 people attended the lecture by BLF president Mngxitama, while SABC and ANN7 provided media coverage at the lecture. Furthermore the address by the BLF president was warmly received by the people in attendance.

We echo the words of BLF president Mngxitama, that it is time for us as students to root ourselves in our communities and organise to take back the land!

BLF-SM UKZN acknowledges the national and provincial structures of the movement, as well as sympathisers who offered financial, resource and logistical support.

BLF-SM UKZN commits to answer the call by the UKZN community to push the struggle for land, to continuing with the struggle for Free Decolonised Education, while maintaining the revolutionary movement as the vanguard of the people.

Free the mind, take the land!

11 August 2017

Issued by the Black First Land First – Student Movement University of KwaZulu Natal branch

[email protected]
Twitter: @BLACK1stLAND1st
Twitter: @BLF_SM
Facebook: BlackFirstLandFirst

Thobani Zikalala
Branch Chairperson
074 246 7848

Gabriel Dube
Branch Secretary-General
082 936 9196

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