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BLF commends Oakbay and Gupta family on great victory against Pravin Gordhan

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Black Opinion is reissuing the following article which was previously published on the BLF website on 18 August 2017:

Black First Land First (BLF) has been saying that Pravin Gordhan is the Prime Minister of white monopoly capital. He has never served our people or black business for even one day in office.

Now the Court decision by Judge Ledwaba has vindicated the position that BLF has taken, that Pravin Gordahn is compromised, captured and in service of white monopoly capital.

The Court decision today shows that there has been sustained economic terrorism against Oakbay because it is one of the few black businesses which has challenged white monopoly capital in terms of the South African economy.

The best response to the Courts decision must be that all the offending banks must immediately reopen the bank accounts of Oakbay so that it can trade just like all the other businesses are doing. BLF has consistently asked the question: why shut down the Oakbay bank accounts when rogue companies such as Lonmin, which murdered workers in Marikana, are allowed to trade without any interference?

Pravin Gordahn was appointed by white monopoly capital as Minister of Finance at the relevant time. He has faithfully served white monopoly capital and today’s Court judgement, in denying the relief he sought, proved this without doubt.

BLF shall continue to call for the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the establishment of black owned banks so that black people and black business is not at the mercy of the criminal ring called *dieBanks* in the country. That’s the only way to ensure the South African economy can be protected.

The banking system is also part of white monopoly capital and in cahoots with opposition parties that are opposed to Radical Economic Transformation (RET). An attack on Oakbay is basically an attack on all those who want RET.

It is now time that Oakbay and the Gupta family be allowed to trade without any further interference. The has been no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on their part. They have in fact been victims of a well orchestrated propaganda war by white monopoly capital.

Pravin Gordarn must pay the costs for the Court application from his own pocket. We remember that this application was brought on the same day when attempts to release the report of the former Public Protector, Thuli Mandonsela, on the last day of her tenure via the Court had failed. So Gordhan’s application was intended to divert attention from the fact that the Public Protector’s report, which was expected to serve the agenda of imperialism by removing President Zuma and replacing him with Cyril Ramaphosa, had effectively been interdicted.

Today’s victory is vindication that Pravin Gordahn, the opposition parties and the white owned media have undertaken a dirty war of campaigning against the Guptas and their businesses to protect white monopoly capital.

BLF also notes that this judgement has been delivered by a black judge. We believe that if the matter was handled by a white judge, the Court would not have arrived at the same decision. White judges automatically side with white monopoly capital and racist agents in society.

Izwe Lethu!

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

18 August 2017
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