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SaveSA and CASAC linked to the Marikana massacre

By BO Staff Writer

It becomes clearer with every passing day that there is no South Africa that will ever be saved by the gathering of CEOs called Save South Africa (SaveSA). Reports have now emerged linking the regime change outfits, SaveSA and the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC), to the person who was the CEO of Lonmin at the time of the Marikana massacre in 2012. Let’s take a few steps back and trace the origins of this story.

The main actors in this sick drama are Lawson Naidoo, who is a former member of the SaveSA steering committee and is currently the executive secretary of CASAC, Richard Calland, who is a UCT professor and a member of the executive committee of CASAC, and Ian Farmer, CEO of Lonmin at the time of the Marikana massacre. All three are founding members of a risk analysis company called The Paternoster Group, which does business with corrupt multinational companies like Merill Lynch, Citibank and Bank of America, some of which are implicated in the infamous banking price fixing scandal.

All this is revealed in a letter addressed to leader of both SaveSA and CASAC, Sipho Pityana. The letter is written by ‘civil society’ activists representing mainly white-run ‘civil society’ organisations who seem to have written the letter to beg Pityana to save the public image of his organisations.

The letter begins with the seven activists singing the praises of Save SA and CASAC.

According to GroundUp, “The activists said that while they appreciated the ‘mission, bravery and work of both CASAC and SaveSA, including the important efforts of Lawson Naidoo and Richard Calland’, they felt they needed to raise these concerns in regard to ‘protecting the credibility of SaveSA and CASAC’”.

Conflict of interest is rife in the so-called ‘anti-corruption’ circle, as both Naidoo and Calland could have potentially used their connections in SaveSA and CASAC to aid their risk management business. Naidoo admits that in one video posted on The Paternoster website he is wearing a SaveSA T-shirt. It is also revealed that both Calland and Naidoo receive money from “clients of Paternoster… in part owing to their connection to CASAC and/or SaveSA.”

The risk analysis company which was founded by Naidoo, Calland and Farmer, then went on to release a half-baked report on the findings of the Farlam commission of inquiry, basically making light of the contribution of Lonmin on the massacre.

Pityana’s AngloGold Ashanti, a gold mining company, is facing a multi million rand claim by mine workers for making them sick for profits. Furthermore, AngloGold Ashanti plans to fire 8500 workers to ensure profits remain pouring in. It is clear that South Africa needs to be saved from SaveSA before it’s too late.

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