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“Forgive us Mngxitama” – EFF Provincial leader

By BO Staff Writer

A KwaZulu-Natal former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) provincial leader has taken to Facebook to ask forgiveness from Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama.

Phakamani Sibalukhulu is currently a “member in good standing” off EFF in KZN.

“Today, we miss someone like Andile Mgxitama (for fearlessness, militancy, and radicalism) within the EFF CCT to maintain order and bully tactics from EFF presidency,” Sibalukhulu said.

Mngxitama is a former EFF member of parliament who was expelled from the EFF for raising concerns regarding internal democracy, abuse of party funds by the leadership and a right-wing shift from the ideology of the party. At the time Mngxitama and three other EFF members of parliament warned about the growing dictatorship by the Julius Malema clique which manipulated organisational protocols for its own narrow interests.

Since the expulsion of Mngxitama and others, the EFF has abandoned its most sacred pillar on land expropriation and has gone into a political coalition with land thieves under the command of London interests. Currently, EFF has been rendered a powerless junior partner of the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) of Helen Zille. The DA does as it wishes in the coalition but Malema can’t do anything because his hands are tied by London.

In his post, Sibalukhulu lamented that, “We never imagined that the EFF will be molested without vaseline by white imperialists from the DA. It is sad enough, because the DA is using EFF votes to discampaign the same EFF”.

Then the EFF member called on members of his party to apologise to the leader of BLF.

“We must apologise to Mgxitama, he was not wrong the EFF sold its soul to white monopoly capital,” Sibalukhulu said. He then encouraged members of the EFF to demand the truth from their leaders. “If we were clever enough we were going to demand the minutes of meetings happened in London to be made public, and for those meetings happened between EFF leaders and DA behind closed doors.”

The leadership of EFF has kept secret the minutes of a secret meeting they held in London with, amongst others, the coup plotter Lord Robin Renwick. The London meeting was held under the secret rules of the Chatham House. EFF took a sharp right turn after meeting Lord Robin Renwick, including going into coalition with the racist DA.

After London, the EFF abandoned its plans to occupy ABSA, which is partly owned by the London based Barclays bank, which was also met by the leadership of EFF in London. Sources at the time said it was both Lord Robin Renwick and Barclays who instructed the EFF to stay away from ABSA. The minutes of the meeting with Lord Robin Renwick would reveal the extent of EFF capture by imperialism.

Sibalukhulu reminded EFF members that the first sell out happened in CODESA, and that EFF leaders sold out like those who did so in Codesa. He further wrote, “I am writing, Codesa negotiations just passed on my mind. Even today, the minutes of Codesa were never made available to the public when the ANC leaders were negotiating with apartheid architects during the state of transition.”

Mngxitama has long said the EFF has been reduced into the Youth League of the DA. Observers say it’s a matter of time before more principled members of EFF demand accountability and the return to the original founding manifesto of their party. Right now EFF is a eunuch in the DA coalition.

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