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Pravin Gordhan has no evidence against Zuma

By BO Staff Writer

In an April CNN interview with journalist, Christiane Amanpour, former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, admits to not having evidence of corruption against President Jacob Zuma, even though he has now premised his whole political career on the fact that Zuma is corrupt.

In a short snippet of the 12 minute long interview below, Amanpour asks Gordhan if he has any direct evidence implicating Zuma in any form of corruption, to which he mumbles the answer, “no I don’t have any personal information, but as I said there are all sorts of suggestions not just about the president but people in the private sector and people in the public sector.”

Gordhan, who is was known as the finance minister of white monopoly capital by his critics, was fired by Zuma in April because the president wanted a minister who would implement radical economic transformation in treasury. Gordhan stands accused of corruption himself as more than R4 billion was looted from treasury under his watch, and for his strong relationship with the corrupt banks.

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