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Thumbs up to ANN7 for fair and balanced reporting

By BO Staff Writer

Senior counsel, Vuyani Ngalwana, has heaped praises on to the 24-hour news channel, ANN7, after he said he spent time comparing the content of the channel with its pro-white monopoly capital competition, eNCA.

Ngalwana, who says he has been watching eNCA for years and started watching ANN7 last year, said on Facebook that over a period of a week, he bagan to actively compare the channels hour by hour.

“Having watched eNCA and ANN7 over a week, I can now declare without fear or favour or prejudice that ANN7 is a better product if you’re looking for a more balanced and in-depth discussion on any issue,” Ngalwana said. He went on to explain that as with any media platform, one may not agree with all the news sited on the channel, but that the channel helps bring diverse views which make it possible to think widely and objectively.

“One may not agree with some of the views expressed but that’s the point. They’re not supposed to give you what you agree with. They are supposed to make you sit back and think about issues,” he said.

eNCA has come under fire in the past for always reporting favourably about white owned companies and for uncritically supporting the former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan. The station is owned by regime change agent and Stellenbosch mafia king, Johann Rupert, causing many to call it Rupert TV.

Apart from being a white monopoly capital propaganda tool, the station also often makes sloppy mistakes, leaving veiwers wondering why it holds itself on such a high pedestal.

On the other hand, ANN7, which is a black owned station recently acquired by Mzwanele Manyi, is pro-radical economic transformation and pro-black in its agenda.

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