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Why is Julius Malema so silent on #FNB4?

By BO Staff Writer

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has been tamed. The usually vocal leader has, ever since visiting London in 2015, become a poodle of white monopoly capital. He is only loud against President Jacob Zuma or black leaders who are anti-white monopoly capital. The tamed Malema and his party have been silent on the saga involving FNB bank firing four black bankers.

Malema and EFF were tamed by Lord Robin Renwick in London. First, Malema abandoned his campaign to occupy ABSA after he had been to London. It’s been almost two years and dololo action on ABSA. Sources close to the organisation say it was the same Renwick who bribed the EFF leaders into a coalition with the white supremacist party, Democratic Alliance (DA).

The main reason why Malema is so silent on FNB’s racism is because his London trip is said to have been funded by the main shareholders of FNB bank. It is clear that Malema can’t bite the hand that feeds him. Only the uncaptured Black First Land First (BLF) is fighting against the racism of FNB and other banks.

It’s now clear that the EFF have been tamed by white monopoly capital. It must not be forgotten that the CEO of FNB, Jacques Celliers, is an active and very public agent of regime change. Celliers is openly anti-Zuma and this makes him an ideological ally of Malema.

Malema and EFF have chosen FNB above the interests of the black bankers who face racism at FNB. This is because FNB is a funder of EFF. White monopoly capital has finished EFF and Julius Malema.

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