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BLF says it will escalate protest against FNB

By BO Staff Writer

The black consciousness movement, Black First Land First  (BLF), has vowed to continue protest action against the racist bank, FNB, which dismissed four black bankers for sharing their political views in their work emails and WhatsApp messages. The four were also dismissed for fighting for transformation in the bank. Read BLF’s full statement on the matter below:

Black First Land First (BLF) protested outside the head quarters of FNB yesterday. The protest followed a call for a meeting with the CEO of the bank, Jacques Celliers, which was not honoured. BLF wrote a letter to Celliers Monday evening asking for an urgent meeting for Wednesday (yesterday). The objective of the meeting was to find a solution to the four victims of racism at FNB (#FNB4).

Upon arrival, BLF found police presence and lots of private security. There is no doubt that FNB knew we were coming. However, instead of organizing to meet with BLF we were told that Celliers is not at the head office. The people sent from management to deal with BLF were completely useless, rude and powerless. They had no authority to even procure a board room, yet they are supposedly in management positions. FNB abuses black people as a matter of the culture of that organization.

BLF ended up in a semi-confrontation with the so-called managers who appeared fearful of FNB’s higher management. They first tried to hold the meeting at a police station adjacent to FNB. BLF rejected that madness. They then took the BLF delegation across the FNB property into what looks like a military base with tents. This was to be a venue of the meeting. Again, BLF rejected the insult.

What was clear at this point was that FNB doesn’t respect black people, neither those it calls managers nor those who work for it. After all these pointless ups and downs the useless black managers disappeared. This shows an acute lack of leadership at FNB. The CEO disappeared. The managers disappeared. BLF continued the picket and left.

The CEO, Celliers, sent a response to BLF only at 17:07 suggesting that he didn’t see the BLF letter asking for the meeting. He said his emails are not monitored and suggested BLF communicates with him via WhatsApp. BLF has sent a WhatsApp message calling for an urgent meeting with Celliers. This meeting must happen before Tuesday, 5 September.

BLF is mobilizing to stage a protest action at the head office of FNB next week Thursday and Friday (7 & 8 September). Thereafter, BLF will stage a 24/7 protest outside the offices of FNB until justice is done for the four victims of racism at FNB.

BLF will not tolerate racism and oppression of black people. BLF will act anywhere such racism is experienced.


31 August 2017

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