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It was a bad week for White Monopoly Capital

By Andile Mngxitama

Things ain’t looking good for the Johann Rupert and Robin Renwick faction in South Africa right now. This week was one of the worst weeks for White Monopoly Capital (WMC) and its agents. The troubles of WMC started with the falling apart Democratic Alliance/Economic Freedom Fighters (DAEFF) coalition in the metros and ended with the defeat of Cyril Ramaphosa at the Johannesburg High Court last night.

The week started with clear indications that the convenient coalition between the EFF of Julius Malema and the racist DA of Helen Zille was in trouble. The DA has now discovered that the EFF is a mere junior partner which can only whine but can’t get out of the abusive relationship with it. The EFF has been reduced to issuing statements of lament as the DA shows it who is the boss. The last pathetic action by EFF has been to boycott council meetings and running away from meeting the DA. EFF can’t do anything because only Robin Renwick can end its long abusive relationship with the DA.

The week then focused on the troubles of Pravin Gordhan, another leading agent of WMC. The HAWKS have reinstated the case of the “rogue unit” and Gordhan was asked to submit an affidavit on the saga. Basically, when Gordhan was head of SARS he developed an illegal unit to harass opponents and competition of WMC. The rogue unit also spied on state institutions like the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Gordhan is a proper mafia gangster.

The rogue unit saga expanded to include other culprits and darlings of WMC like Trevor Manuel and Jabu Moleketi. The two were asked by the HAWKS to also submit affidavits. It must be remembered that at the time of the establishment of the rogue unit, the Minister of Finance was Manuel and his deputy was Moleketi. Manuel provided the money from state coffers to fund the rogue unit and Moleketi signed it off. But, luckily for him, he had objected to the funding of the unit but was overruled. The question is why and by whom?

Manuel and Gordhan remain close friends and loud defenders of WMC.

The week veered towards the banks with Black First Land First (BLF) taking up the struggle for justice of the #FNB4. BLF took a spontaneous protest to the Head Quarters of FNB in Johannesburg. The protest was in support of a meeting which BLF had asked to have with the CEO of FNB, Jacques Celliers. BLF seeks justice for the #FNB4 who are victims of racism at FNB. However, instead of meeting BLF, Celliers ran away. BLF protested then shutdown the office block and the FNB branch at head office.

BLF shows with actions that it’s a thorn on the side of WMC. Only BLF has been able to shut down outlets of banks. This is an important indication of the revolutionary resolve our movement has. ABSA had to go to court to seek a high court interdict against BLF after several of its branches had been shut down by BLF.

Then another blow to WMC came with the nullification of the elections in Kenya. It must be remembered that Thabo Mbeki is another prominent defender of WMC. He is leading the campaign to deny the existence of WMC. Mbeki’s credibility lays in tatters after the Kenyan High Court nullified the presidential election which Mbeki had declared free and fair. Many commentators said Mbeki didn’t do his job but merely echoed the voice of the imperialist European Union. Mbeki is now exposed as a lap dog of imperialism and WMC.

Then came further revelations that corruption happened in Treasury under both Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordhan. The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) wants officials both in and out of parliament to account. This is likely to directly implicate both former ministers, Gordhan and Manuel. The evidence of wrong doing is so overwhelming that the current Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba has moved to fire Gordhan’s moles. However, removing them from Treasury must not mean they can no longer account. The culprits who have been driving state capture by WMC under guidance by both Manuel and Gordhan must account together with their principals.

The final and telling blow was suffered by the deputy president of the republic of South Africa and the presidential candidate of WMC, Cyril Ramaphosa. His fortunes were drastically reduced by the discovery of the #RamaphosaLeaks. The Sunday Independent newspaper claims to have dozens of emails which expose Ramaphosa’s multiple romantic relationships with 8 women. Ramaphosa tried to gag the paper from publishing the stories by lodging an urgent application with the high court but lost the matter with costs. The paper will be publishing the stories today.

The EFF leader Julius Malema tried to come to the rescue of Ramaphosa by trying to give credence to the claim that the emails are a smear campaign linked to the ANC elective conference. But a smear is only so if its based on manufactured stories and fake news. The #RamaphosaLeaks also expose the hypocrisy of the white owned media. This media has been treating the so-called #GuptaLeaks as fact but are pushing the notion that the #RamaphosaLeaks are not authentic and a violation of privacy. These objections were never raised on the so called #GuptaLeaks which have not been authenticated. The #RamaphosaLeaks have been confirmed by at least one of the implicated women.

Ramaphosa has been exposed as a dishonest hypocrite. He has been publicly scolding “sugar daddies” but he is one. He has been a public champion of “safe sex” but he doesn’t practice what he preaches. The whole WMC brigade has projected the polygamous marriages of President Jacob Zuma as something bad. Now it turns out that what they preach against in public, they practice in secret. This makes President Zuma a morally superior person than his detractors.

BLF has asked for Ramaphosa to do the right thing by asking for an apology, paying damages where applicable and also paying lobola. Ramaphosa must learn to take responsibility for his actions. He didn’t take responsibility for the Marikana massacre he caused and now he is not taking responsibility for his personal life and lack of discretion.

The fundamental implication of the #RamaphosaLeaks and how he has handled the whole matter is that he has ruled himself out of the race to be president of the ANC and consequently he can not be state president. This leaves WMC without a strong presidential candidate. Johann Rupert and Robin Renwick will have to go back to the drawing room after a week of massive set backs for their plan to maintain the colonial nature of the South African economy.

In the coming weeks the proponents of Radical Economic Transformation must move with more confidence and determination. WMC is on the retreat. It’s time to intensify the agenda for the return of the land and mineral wealth.

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