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Is EFF march against Guptas funded by Rupert?

By BO Staff Writer

The march of Julius Malema’s movement, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), two days ago may have been planned and funded by Johann Rupert. Sources from inside the EFF say the march was at the behest of white monopoly capital using the workers to get at the Gupta family. The sources claim that EFF leaders are working closely with white monopoly capital to try and bring President Zuma down.

The march conducted two days ago to the North West mines, which is partly owned by the Guptas, was the first in a series of protests organised by white monopoly capital using Malema and Zwelinzima Vavi as fronts to give those protests legitimacy. Vavi and Malema have been tasked to try and mobilize the masses against the Guptas while the Democratic Alliance (DA) focuses more on court cases.

White monopoly capital feels strong that the Guptas must be pushed out of the economy so that they can maintain their monopoly over the South African economy. Many observers have asked why are Vavi and Malema targeting a small mine when AngloGold Ashanti, a giant mining house, is on the verge of retrenching over 8000 workers? They have also questioned why no action has been undertaken in Johann Rupert’s farms where blacks are treated like slaves.

The fight by white monopoly capital, to get rid of its most problematic competition, now involves the use of poor black people to fight for Johann Rupert and other components of white monopoly capital. Others have asked what has Vavi and Malema done about the shocking working conditions at Shoprite Checkers? Why are they quiet when Whitey Basson takes R2 billion but refuses to pay workers?

The answers to these questions, according to sources, lie in the purpose of the United Front by the EFF and white monopoly capital against Radical Economic Transformation. Now white monopoly capital is in the forefront of organising and funding protest actions against the Guptas under the guise of fighting for workers rights.

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