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Birthday reflections – Tshidiso Tsimong

I’ve received lots of ‘many happy returns’ birthday messages since this morning, mainly from comrades and other loved ones. I find myself thinking that this is just one more year without achieving the strategic objective of the revolution – land return to the black majority. The thought of dying eventually of old age without getting freedom is unsettling – that is not a life I have chosen.

Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes. But sitting in the office and reading your messages I consciously reject following the path of Methuselah – the man who lived for 400yrs and died. That’s all is said about him in the bible.

My birthday is befitting a platform to introspect politically. Have I done enough to contribute to the liberation of our people? Am I focusing on the right things. Am I directing the fight to where it belongs? Am I engaged in a program of action that is geared towards the institutional destruction of the enemy? I have found myself in leadership – how am I doing as a leader of a revolutionary movement? Do I shift blame when things go wrong? Is my commitment wavering? Why is it that we have up until now allowed ourselves to be divided as a people by the enemy? Are there things that I can do to self correct? Time is of the essence and each year brings me nearer to dying without making a revolution – or nearer to making one!

Yes, its my birthday – a good time to reflect. I’m grateful for how much my life has changed ever since I joined Black First Land First (BLF). It’s this movement that forces me to ask the above questions. Through it I have moved from living an ordinary life of a slave, to living the life of a fighting slave. The beautiful thing about this is that I have not moved alone, I have transitioned with many other comrades. We have all moved collectively with history – history that most of the time hardly ever moves, but in the past two years has moved decades. Engaging in practical work via the BLF is never a mundane unfocused experience devoid of theory. We have been testing our theoretical perspective of black consciousness and Pan Afrikanism with a Sankarist leadership ethos in our daily work towards land return and we can see emerging the general line of building this country along black socialist lines.

In recent months the Central Committee (CC) of BLF has been listening to reports on the work of the various deployment teams headed by CC members, and from these reports a number of challenges regarding the construction of a free black socialist society has emerged. But in all they amount to one major problem namely – South Africa is built on colonial land theft which in turn is the basis of racism. It is only through land return that racism can be eradicated. BLF has compelled us to fix our gaze on the strategic objective of destroying racism via taking back the land. History is certainly smiling upon a generation of revolutionaries led by BLF that takes the fight to the real enemy – but yet we can all die old without getting freedom if we lose the plot.

This birthday message I guess is to all, including my comrades, to appreciate the gift of BLF which is here to take us to real freedom via land return. Let’s listen very carefully to its message. Over 350 years of slavery, now let’s make real revolution. Let’s actively seek to mobilize all positive factors daily towards land return and not stop until all the stolen land is in black hands.

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