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KPMG the rogue bulldog of white monopoly capital

By Phapano Phasha

Black People, while you are waking up to go to church, are you aware that KPMG says that the report they had presented to the South African Revenue Services (SARS), which implicates Pravin Gordhan, was fake – and just like Bell Pottinger, they subsequently apologized in a context where they were paid millions from tax payers monies. They now want to blame Tom Moyane and Luther Lebelo.

It gets more interesting. It was the same KPMG that prepared evidence for the state which implicated President Jacob Zuma in the 783 charges. With the new confession, it is safe to ask if we can trust the audit that KPMG prepared which formed the basis of the case against the president.

What about Jackie Selebi? I call upon the Selebi family to take KMPG to court in an effort to exonerate him. KPMG worked closely with Advocate Gerrie Nel and testified against Selebi in a case which was far bigger than him. To this end,  they were paid around R20 million.

On this one I am prepared to open, not only a criminal case against KPMG, but work towards exonerating Jackie Selebi. This was a case where the private sector literally got away with murder.

White monopoly capital is well organized and will do anything to remove Jacob Zuma from power. However, cracks are starting to show. White monopoly capital is exposing itself – it’s deceit and shenanigans are starting to bear fruit.

On the president’s case, the Telegraph wrote the following in 2012:

“The audit, prepared by the accountancy firm KPMG, would have formed a central plank of the case against Mr Zuma if he had stood trial for 16 counts of alleged corruption, fraud, tax evasion and racketeering. He always protested his innocence and, in the event, all the charges were dropped shortly before he became president in 2009, so the case was never tested in court.

The study, leaked to the Mail and Guardian, a South African weekly, details how Mr Zuma received 783 separate payments from Shaik or the businessman’s company, totalling over Rand 4 million (¬£288,000)”.

The report “paints the most detailed and distressing picture available of a kept politician, not just unable, but unwilling to live within his means, dependent on an array of benefactors to fund his lifestyle and willing to grant some of them favours in return,” said the Mail and Guardian.

On the Jackie Selebi case the late world renowned journalist, Barry Sargant, was adamant that KPMG was corrupt and Selebi was just a pawn. To this end, he wrote as follows:

“KPMG was appointed to assist the Scorpions in relation to Forensic investigation into the case & Friedman became the advisor to Gerrie Nel & everyone with evidence had to go through him.

KPMG at the time was an auditing firm which failed to notice millions disappearing from companies it was contracted to audit (JCI, Investec etc) however it was paid by the state to inadvertently audit itself. How could Gray be used as an advisor to the state when his company was involved?

KPMG was apparently paid 20 Million by the state, Jackie Selebi was charged for receiving money from Kebble through Aggliotti & non of the executives at Investec, JCI, T Sec & all other companies who benefited from general espionage & theft of RandGold resources were ever convicted including Allan Gray. Over & above that the Scorpions ignored investigations which were previously done into all the Kebble companies and which implicated Kebbles associates including Investec which showed RandGold shares which were looted were shared between Brett Kebble associates, JCi(Peter Gray who was Scorpions advisor), Investec etc. Ironically the NPA in its case portrayed Investec as a victim

In the Investment world Investec is viewed as a corrupt bully with no respect for the law & protected by KMPG, it is believed in the past 10 years Investec has spend more than 200 Million on lawyers to squash any loopholes and further Millions gone to prosecutors (NPA) to ensure cases against them don’t see any light of day”

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