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Gayton McKenzie to liberate Nelson Mandela?

By Andile Mngxitama

If you want to know the real reason why Gayton McKenzie has become the subject of Sunday Times propaganda, then look no further than the Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) metro. McKenzie seems to have bamboozled the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and left it dazed. The DA mayor of NMB, Athol Trollip, didn’t see this one coming and must feel like a doos.

Today in all likelihood is destined to be known as the second liberation of Nelson Mandela. The idea that the NMB metro had been under the racist DA had not sat well with die hard believers in the Madiba myth of a liberator who spent 27 years in apartheid jail. Those who locked him up are now again the biggest beneficiaries of his sacrifices.

Well, the party is over in NMB and that’s thanks to Gayton McKenzie!

It’s a known fact that McKenzie is no friend of the DA and he has been quite vocal about how Julius Malema sold out by giving power to whites. It came as a massive shock to those of us who knew Gayton’s political beliefs when we heard he is going into coalition with the DA in NMB. We misread the man badly. Like Trollip, we didn’t see the curve ball. The move to promise DA support in its fight with the United Democratic Movement (UDM) was a genius move politically. It was a classical case of a Trojan horse, it now appears.

Only McKenzie understood the master plan it would seem. He played his cards carefully. He knew his move in NMB would reverberate like an earthquake throughout the unholy coalition between Julius Malema and Helen Zille.

McKenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA) has one seat in NMB. The PA used its seat to call for a motion of no confidence in UDM’s Mongameli Bobani, which the DA supported. Bobani was removed as deputy mayor and now, the PA has given Trollip an ultimatum to nominate its councillor, Marlon Daniels, as the new deputy mayor, or they will withdraw from the coalition.

McKenzie’s action was designed to have a domino effect in the DAEFF coalition and it seemed to work like the clock. McKenzie seems to have lulled the DA into an unternable position through sweet talk and playing stupid whilst keeping the eye on the prize – the liberation of NMB from the clutches of the racist DA.

By the end of today, it’s possible that there will be no DA rule in NMB. Gayton McKenzie, with only one seat, shall have liberated the city named after the founding father of post-1994 South Africa.

McKenzie’s move raises fundamental questions about how parties with much larger shares of the vote, like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), have failed to use their numbers to advance any progressive agenda.

White monopoly capital, which is the main sponsor of the DA, has seen the devastating political manoeuvres of McKenzie, hence the unleashing of the Sunday Times to write lies about the PA leader. They know the DA is spooked and thanks to McKenzie.

Today, as the DAEFF unprincipled coalition comes down, a smile will cross the face of a master political chess player. Many of us will be left to wonder how come we didn’t see it coming.

Well played G. You are a leader.

Now it’s time for the black political parties to club together and form a new pro-black government in NMB. Will they miss the boat yet again?

Free Nelson Mandela, Gayton McKenzie has given you the keys.

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