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Will Robin Renwick force Malema to vote with the DA in NMB?

By BO Staff Writer

The Democratic Alliance (DA) rule is literally over in Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB). The dramatic turn of events that have dethroned the DA from power were all engineered by Gayton McKenzie of the Patriotic Alliance (PA). The PA went into a coalition with the DA after the United Democratic Movement (UDM) walked out from its marriage, after the DA arrogantly removed the UDM deputy mayor, Mongameli Bobani.

Now only the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) can save the DA. But there is a problem – the EFF has come out publicly and clearly said it won’t vote with the DA in NMB.

In a statement issued last month, the EFF said: “the EFF will not be voting with the DA on any issue in Nelson Mandela Metro until they radically change their attitude towards other coalition partners belonging to smaller parties.”

Sources close to the DA say the party had appealed to Lord Robin Renwick to command the EFF to change its position and save the DA from falling out of power. Julius Malema is facing a dilemma, but sources believe he won’t be able to go against Renwick. It’s just a matter of time before a justification is found and EFF will vote with the DA and ensure the racist party remains in power.

Part of the arrogance of the DA comes from the knowledge that Malema is captured by London. The EFF takes its instructions from Lord Robin Renwick. The DA is confident that Renwick will be able to force Malema to bow to the DA and go against his own word. Malema is seen by London as a toothless dog.

In the next few days Malema will have to ask Renwick, “how high?”, when the arch-colonialist instructs him to jump. On the other hand, McKenzie has made his move, its up to the black political parties to come to the fore and remove the DA from the NMB metro.

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