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Rupert sponsored stinking battles of Gordhan & Ramaphosa – social grants and SAA

By Phapano Phasha

Crisis towards coup

Do you remember how the media and Pravin Gordhan created a crisis that social grants will not be paid? Do you also remember how they told us about some company called Cash Paymaster Services (CPS)? The Rupert owned media nearly precipitated a coup but in their maliciousness they forgot to tell us the truth of how Pravin Gordhan was merely protecting his business interests in the Rupert owned Grindrod Limited Group (Grindrod).

Grindrod is a Rupert owned entity. It is highly diversified and to this end conducts operations in many spheres including banking, freight and rail. You may have never heard of the Grindrod (which is not surprising) but one of its entities, Grindrod Bank, is the bank that the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) banks with.

Grindrod boldly states on its website that “Grindrod Bank proudly provides banking services for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant recipients, paying 17 million grants to 10.6 million distinct cardholders amounting to R11bn per month in close association with Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) who provide the card technology and manage the card programme on behalf of the government of South Africa”.

For each transaction made Grindrod Bank charges SASSA at least R25 per transaction. Since more than 10 million people are on social grants this means that Grindrod makes more than R2 billion every month.

The above is old news. We know that Johann Rupert was never implicated. We also know that when the mainstream media was reporting about Cash Paymaster Services it forgot to also tell us about Ramaphosa’s Pembani interests.

A couple of years ago Pembani, which holds Cyril’s Shanduka shares, went into a business venture with Remgro to form what is now called Pembani Remgro Infrastructure and others called, Grindrod Pembani Remgro Leasing (GPR Leasing), Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Managers and Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Fund.

To ask why the Rupert owned media houses went to such lengths to discredit Bathabile Dlamini and Cash Paymaster Services when Grindrod Bank was benefiting from this transaction is a question that doesn’t requires knowledge in rocket science to figure out.

Could it be that Grindrod Bank with or through Remgro Pembani Infrastructure would have been the ideal IT solution to replace CPS since Grindrod was already sharing the same SASSA infrastructure with CPS?

Was Pravin going to facilitate the deal, which he would benefit from as a shareholder of Remgro; and which would translate into both Ramaphosa as well as Rupert cashing in twice from SASSA?

Pravin, as Head of Treasury by virtue of being Minister of Finance, was not really concerned about social grants but his own business transaction as a shareholder of Remgro and other Rupert owned entities. In fact, the extent to which the Rupert owned media created a crisis over the SASSA grant payment needs further investigation.

It is of no surprise that Rupert has now personally entered the domain of ANC politics disguised as protecting the economy and the Treasury while positing Cyril Ramaphosa as honourable, when he is merely defending his business interests.

Rupert has invested a lot of money using influential ANC comrades as proxies. Beyond SASSA, imagine what would happen if government transforms Treasury and ensures that it primarily benefits the majority? Small and medium seized companies will be able to compete and black businesses would no longer be restricted by the Treasury and the Reserve Bank via red tape through legislation which in turn gatekeeps capital from black people – unless if you are Ramaphosa, Frank Chikane or Zanele Mbeki, to name a few.

Who stands to loose the most?

What would happen if we take control of our Ports? As we speak entry and exit of our goods through our seas is controlled by the same Grindrod Group through Grindrod Freight and Logistics whose BEE partner happens to be the J&J Group owned by and Ketso Gordhan, who happens to be Pravins nephew, and Jayendra (Jay) Naidoo.

When we talk of a conflict of interests situation, both on the part of Ramaphosa and Pravin who are Remgro affiliates, the mainstream media diverts us even further away.

They know how Des Van Rooyen was removed as Minister of Finance and Pravin was appointed in that position by Johann Rupert, Oppenheimer and Ramaphosa who are in turn the real masterminds behind State capture.

We know it doesn’t end there.

Last year Pravin Gordhan and the Democratic Alliance (DA) wanted to force Dudu Myeni to extend a lease contract between the South African Airways (SAA) and the Macquarie Group whose BEE partner is the same J&J group were Ketso Gordhan is a partner.

This would have seen the SAA continue to rent airplane fleets from the Macquarie Group/J&J Group on behalf of Mango. What is bizarre is that the same fleets under Macquarie were owned by SAA before they were sold by Saki Macozoma and Coleman Andrews.

Pravin wanted to see Jay Naidoo and his nephew directly benefiting from the deal notwithstanding the deplorable conflict of interests were the J&J Group were also BEE partners to the richest man in South Africa Christoffel Weise who is the Chairman of Mango to whom the fleets were going to be rented to.

As and when J&J made profits at SAA, Weise and Rupert would provide vendor funding for J&J to get more dividents – while Cyril’s Shanduka subsidiary, Bidvest, would continue to maintain and service the leased aircrafts.

Inadvertently the fight is primarily about ‘Borotho’ – if only Ramaphosa and Gordhan had the decency not to drag ordinary ANC members into their stinking covert battles.

The revolution will not be televised but we urge President Zuma to remain resolute. We know who the real enemies of our people are!!!

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