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Mogoeng Mogoeng: from lap dog to top dog!

By Andile Mngxitama

In a recent ‘National Braai Day’ poll, Media24 rewarded the Judge President, Mogoeng Mogoeng with the title of “South African of the year”. Media24 is owned by Naspers, which is a colonial and apartheid racist institution of white power. The irony is that five unnamed journalists put Mogoeng’s name in the list of nominees. These are the same journalists who were united in condemning President Jacob Zuma for appointing Mogoeng the Chief Justice. What has changed?

I remember how at the time of Mogoeng’s appointment, only the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) supported the nomination and appointment. History will one day show that it was those with black consciousness who pushed for Mogoeng to be appointed when the white world was calling him names. I later learned about how he was a revolutionary using the apartheid era Mangope administration as cover to move freedom fighters across the border into exile for military training. I’m not sure if this is a history he would like to be associated with nowadays. He now has white approval, why show him to be a violent revolutionary?

It’s an established fact that South Africa’s most vocal journalists take their cue from the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). At the time the leader of the DA, the pro-colonialism Helen Zille, wrote to President Zuma, stating that, “… it is my firm view, and that of the Democratic Alliance, that Justice Mogoeng is not suitable for the position. It is our sincere recommendation that President Zuma, in exercising his prerogative to appoint the Chief Justice, withdraw his nomination of Justice Mogoeng and consider other candidates.”

The celebrated cartoonist, Zapiro, amplified the attitude of the DA through his cartoons depicting Mogoeng Mogoeng as President Zuma’s lap dog amongst other depictions. Zapiro had no qualms showing the Chief Justice as a brainless man, thus opening the flood gates of ridicule by the pro-white monopoly capital journalists of South Africa. The media spoke with the usual united voice against blacks considered undesirable. Mogoeng was given the same treatment reserved for people like Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Eusebius McKaiser, also worried that he maybe left out, hurried to throw his little stone against the Chief Justice. It became mandatory to voice ones disapproval of Mogoeng Mogoeng to maintain one’s membership to the “credible media voices of S.A.” club. The insults rained as the stampede to condemn intensified. To be ethical was to show capacity to insult Mogoeng – just like now it’s mandatory to insult President Zuma if one wishes to keep the membership card of “ethical media practitioners boys club”.

To give the anti-Mogoeng agenda of the DA legitimacy, even Professor Pierre de Vos threw in his voice. After castigating President Zuma for acting like a “spoilt child” who was getting back at those who criticised his attempt at extending the term of office of the previous chief justice, Professor de Vos told his readers that the appointment of Mogoeng was Zuma “trying to get back at critics by indicating a wish to appoint one of the less suitable candidates”.

The question the uncaptured mind must ask is how did Mogoeng Mogoeng move from being a lap dog to a top dog?

Almost a year ago I wrote the piece “beware of white praise Advocate Mkhwebane. In the piece I gave a broad outline of how whites create a coon or an Uncle Tom out of black people using the basic method of punishment and reward. After a while, like a dog, one works for the bone. Pleasing the owner becomes priority number one.

Mogoeng worked hard to be acceptable to the white establishment. His credentials as a crusader against Zuma, the evil one, are now complete. Forgotten is the time when Zuma took heat on behalf of the chief justice. White monopoly capital is brutal and unforgiving in its war to maintain its hegemony over all facets of society and state. The chief justice will be kept on the straight and narrow through praise and threats of hell fire should he stray. He has been to hell and has learned his lessons.

As the praises rain on the Chief Justice, white monopoly capital hopes he will finally have a say on which judge must head the “state capture judicial commission”. The hint is enough, with these kinds of rewards and flattering manoeuvres, the Chief Justice is being cajoled to appoint the right judge should that responsibility fall on his lap.

Black people must always remember the caution sounded by Malcolm X. He said we must take a safe distance from black leaders who are praised by whites. Look, listen and decide.

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