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Justice for Anneline Pillay – 225 signatures more to reach petition goal

By BO Staff Writer

On 29 November last year, 27 year old Anneline Pillay was gunned down by her ex boyfriend Tyrone Pillay at her work place. Tyrone, who is currently detained at Westville Prison’s awaiting-trial section, was captured on video committing the crime and consequently confessed. He later changed his version and has not yet been brought to trial. Ten months has passed since the murder and it is shocking that there is no degree of certainty as to when the accused will stand trial and the matter brought to finality.

Shortly after the death of Anneline a petition named “Justice for Anneline Pillay – No Bail for Tyrone Pillay” was launched by her sister, Shantal Pillay, calling on the court not to release the killer on bail, to prosecute him to the full extent of the law and upon conviction to appropriately sentenced him. The petition further called for government to develop a plan which addresses “gender education from pre school to tertiary level of education that is anti sexist and anti patriarchal and which outlaws all practices that are oppressive to women”. Moreover a call was made to the Minister of Women to take decisive action to address the problem of gender based violence.

The National Prosecution Authority, whose responsibility it is to do all that is necessary to bring this case to finality – is also urged to intervene and do its job. It is also the duty of all progressive organisations, individuals and other role players against gender based violence – that takes the lives of so many women like Anneline – to intensify the fight so as to totally eradicate this scourge that is destroying our communities. The delay in bringing Tyrone Pillay to book is unacceptable – justice delayed is justice denied.

To date 16725 people have signed this Petition. The goal is 17000. When the goal is reached, the petition will be delivered to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Minister TM Masutha, the Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women Ms Susan Shabangu, and the Chief Magistrate, Head of Administrative Region, Durban Mr TC Mabaso. All who have not yet signed the petition are urged to do so without delay. Read the full petition here.



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