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BLF’s ultimatum to KPMG

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday, Black First Land First (BLF) marched to the office of the disgraced audit firm, KPMG, to demand, among other things, that all audits and investigations by KPMG to be reviewed and it immediately withdraws its report upon which the 783 charges against President Jacob Zuma were formulated. Read the movement’s full memorandum to KPMG below:

KPMG is a criminal organisation

BLF Memorandum

28 September 2017

We are here today to declare to the world that the audit firm known as KPMG is a criminal organisation. KPMG has a long dirty history of corruption and cover-ups.

We want the world to know that today, KPMG in South Africa is the arm of white monopoly capital which wants to keep the South African economy in white hands.

KPMG is trapped in its own trap. Because of greed, it is now forced to withdraw its own report on the main agent of white monopoly capital, the former Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan. What kind of auditing firm is instructed to withdraw its own investigations?

The media lies:

We are here also to correct a lie promoted by the white owned media and agents of white monopoly capital. The media has lied to the people of South Africa. The scandal of how KPMG was forced to withdraw its report that shows that Pravin Gordhan is a criminal has been suppressed. The media has quickly turned the scandal into the relationship between Gupta companies and KPMG. The media has removed from the public the fact that KPMG has investigated Pravin Gordhan and found evidence that he had illegally operated a spy unit during his time as head of the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Pravin Gordhan is used to strong arm those who expose his corruption. The editor of the Sunday Times who exposed the illegal spy unit was fired. The journalists who worked on the exposè were forced to abandon the story  (Piet Rampedi refused to support the lie and was pushed out of the Sunday Times). Then Johnn Rupert gave money to the Sunday Times and it has now become an agent of covering up the corruption of white monopoly capital and an instrument to harass those who want radical economic transformation.

The media knows the truth that three reports have come to the same conclusion that the spy unit at SARS by Pravin Gordhan was illegal and its job was to spy for white monopoly capital. The KPMG report was not out of line with the truth but because it implicates Pravin Gordhan, it has been withdrawn just like the Sunday Times reports were withdrawn and made to disappear.

If KPMG had any integrity it would have stood by its report that shows that Pravin Gordhan is a criminal. But because KPMG is a criminal organisation, it’s protecting a fellow criminal.

R4 billion corruption at Treasury:

The media won’t tell the nation that the same friend of KPMG, Pravin Gordhan, presided over R4.3 billion corruption at Treasury. It’s not us who says so. It’s not some fake e-mails but Treasury’s own internal audit reports says so. More than R4 billion has been unaccounted for under “Mr Clean” Pravin Gordhan.

The media will not tell you that when Pravin Gordhan was Minister of Finance he gave his own daughter a tender of R10 million at Treasury. Yet today, Pravin Gordhan talks about state capture. The corrupt are leading the struggle against corruption in South Africa. Wolves in sheep skin are leading the sheep to the slaughter house.

Pravin Gordhan is a corrupt friend of KPMG. He is a warrior against radical economic transformation. We thank President Jacob Zuma for removing him as Minister of Finance.

KPMG in Politics:

KPMG is involved in the manipulation of politics by using bogus investigations to get political leaders it doesn’t want, locked up or discredited.

The same KPMG was hired by Advocate Thuli Madonsela, the former Public Protector, to investigate part of her report on state capture. KPMG made sure that the report targets black people like Brian Molefe and Oakbay, but cover up all the massive corruption by white monopoly capital such as Anglo American and Exarro at Eskom.

We say today to KPMG, since you have withdrawn your report on the criminal activities of Pravin Gordhan, also withdraw your report on the investigation you did for Advocate Thuli Madonsela.

KPMG’s mandate is to make sure that Cyril Ramaphosa is made president of the country so that white monopoly capital can continue to control and own our economy.

The meeting between Pravin Gordhan and the leadership of KPMG is the clearest indication of this collaboration for regime change.

Black First Land First (BLF) demands KPMG to admit that its report on state capture is bogus lies aimed at regime change.

The lists of crimes:

The  list of crimes  committed by KPMG is shocking. Here are a few we highlight:

1. KPMG was involved in facilitating the theft of R26 billion from the Reserve bank to benefiting (ABSA, Johann Rupert, Daimler Chrysler, Nedbank, Armscor).

2.  KPMG got Jackie Selebi jailed.

3. KPMG concocted the 783 charges against President Jacob Zuma.

4. KPMG is the main auditor of many municipalities where it undermines service delivery.

5. KPMG is now involved in covering up the capture of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) by white monopoly capital.

6. KPMG is used to attacking anyone who is for radical economic transformation.

7. KPMG helped Investec loot R2 billion from Brett Kebble

In 2015, Nose Week reported as follows:

“KPMG, Investec’s long-term auditors, were appointed, of course, as auditors of both JCI and Randgold, just after Kebble was dispatched. Under the expert management of Investec and KPMG, Randgold delayed for years the disclosure of … forensic reports which, in any event, were released in carefully redacted form to heavily downplay the role of Investec.

As auditors at JCI and Randgold, KPMG has scored fees of R91m over the past decade. JCI and Randgold have, in addition, together paid nearly R100m to KPMG consultants in “forensic and consulting” fees.

KPMG is everywhere and have scored hundreds of millions of rands more from other clients involved in the Kebble saga. These included Investec, Western Areas, SocGen Johannesburg (a major beneficiary of laundered stolen shares and cash), and T-Sec (the stockbroker that laundered hundreds of millions in dirty cash).

KPMG somehow also managed to get itself appointed by the now-defunct Scorpions,(a state agency established to investigate serious crime) to investigate the Kebble frauds. This investigation simply disappeared. Likewise, KPMG was appointed by the Reserve Bank to assist in investigating the illegal selling – in London – of shares stolen from Randgold. This investigation likewise simply disappeared. Given the huge conflict of interest, were these state agencies simply careless in appointing KPMG or were they part of the corrupt conspiracy?”

We want the nation to note that former Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, is a shareholder in Investec, the same company which looted R2 billion from Brett Kebble fraud scheme with the help of KPMG.

KPMG is an old crook:

KPMG and Ernst & Young were the auditors involved in the ABSA deal. Judge Nel listed their violations as follows:

“auditors put signatures to false Absa and Cape Investment Bank’s accounts. They failed to report the discovery of material irregularities as required by the Public Accounts and Auditors Act. They backdated auditors’ reports, financial statements and letters. They failed to scrutinise minutes of  directors’ meetings and they actively assisted their clients in misleading the Receiver of revenue.”

We must end white monopoly capital corruption:

As long as the South African economy is in the hands of white monopoly capital, corruption and racism will not end. White monopoly capital is busy with massive retrenchments in the mining sector as part of economic terrorism against the Mining Charter. As long as white monopoly capital owns our land it will continue to evict our people from the city and on farms. Because of the power white monopoly capital has, our people are killed on farms. The farm workers of Ventersdorp are still slaves and big companies like KPMG continue to hide the gross violations of human rights.

Today we must end white corruption and we start with KPMG.

We call on:

1. SCOPA to call before it the white senior managers who have resigned to explain why they withdrew the report on the criminal activities of Pravin Gordhan.

2. Minister Malusi Gigaba to immediately cancel all accounts with KPMG. We can’t have a criminal organisation working for any sphere of government.

3. President Zuma to set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into corruption by white monopoly capital, in particular KPMG.

4. Media must stop spreading fake news and propaganda. Media must tell the nation the truth. The scandal here is that the criminal organization, KPMG, has in a criminal way withdrawn a report that shows that Pravin Gordhan was involved in criminal activities at SARS.

5. Banks must shut down the bank accounts of KPMG because its a rogue criminal organisation.

BLF demands to KPMG:

These demands must be met within seven days!

1. All audits and investigations by KPMG to be reviewed.

2. KPMG to immediately withdraw its report upon which the 783 charges against President Zuma were formulated.

3. KPMG apologise for being an agent of white monopoly capital and regime change.

4. KPMG reveal the pressure put on it by Pravin Gordhan and other white monopoly capital agencies to withdraw its report on the rogue unit at SARS.



DATE: 28 September 2017

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