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“I regret voting for the EFF”

By Sandisele Zitha

Voting for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rates as one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made.

Here’s one of the reasons why:

After the 2014 general elections, the EFF adopted land occupations as one of its programs directed at the realisation of its first cardinal pillar, the expropriation of land without compensation.

After the 2016 local government elections, the EFF went into coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA), a party whose policies are clearly against expropriation of land.

The EFF continued to advocate for land occupations. In 2017, some Johannesburg residents, acting on advice of the EFF, occupied a piece of council owned land in Lenasia and erected shack dwellings. On 25 July, Herman Mashaba, the DA’s JJohannesburg city mayor, obtained a court order for the eviction of Lenasia shack occupants and the demolition of ‘illegally’ erected shacks. On 22 September, the Red Ants, acting on instructions of the heavy handed and anti-black, anti-poor Herman Mashaba, demolished the shacks, evicted occupants and in the proccess killed 2 residents (police say 4 bodies were found) and injured 100 more after opening fire with live ammunition.

On 28 September, the charperson of the EFF, Advocate Dali Mpofu represented Herman Mashaba in a court case involving the African National Congress (ANC) and DA, which the DA won (case struck off roll). On the same day, after boycotting 3 previous council meetings, the EFF went to a council meeting and voted with the DA. The results of the boycott, with ANC also walking out of council meetings, had rendered the council not meeting the required quorum; the DA could not effect any decisions and the council was rendered dysfunctional. Had the EFF given the DA an ultimatum to reinstate the evicted Lenasia shack dwellers before it could continue voting for it, it would have, in a way, proved its claim of being “a champion of the poor”. It would have also averted unnecessary deaths of black people.

EFF iyabantlokothisa abantu. Its leaders are in it for self-enrichment just like the ANC.

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