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Robin Renwick told Julius Malema to fire Mogale City councillors

By BO Staff Writer

The six Mogale City, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councillors were allegedly fired on instruction by the arch-imperialist, Lord Robin Renwick. Sources claim that in the past three weeks, Renwick had sent a delegation to South Africa whose main mission was to instruct the EFF to stop its fights with the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). The sources say Renwick, who is the London based handler of the EFF, had been unhappy with the organisation boycotting the seatings in the metros where they have coalitions with the DA.

The EFF has previously said it won’t vote with the DA until the latter had stopped undermining other coalition partners like the United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Nelson Mandela Bay. However, all that has changed is that the EFF has started voting with the DA again after meetings with the representatives of Renwick. The sources say in the meeting the EFF was instructed to stop its boycott of the DA.

Furthermore, the EFF was told to fire the six councillors who voted with the African National Congress (ANC) in Mogale City.

The sources have confirmed to Black Opinion that Lord Robin Renwick has been very angry about the EFF not taking action against the councillors who defied the party and voted with the ANC.

It is not clear what instructions were given to the DA but the sources who spoke to Black Opinion on condition of anonymity say the Renwick delegation also met the DA in a separate meeting. It’s not known if the march to the Gupta home was demanded by London. Eitherway, the march has backfired badly for the DA.

Renwick is back and seems very active in opposition politics. The Renwick delegation is also scheduled to meet the South African Communist Party (SACP) which Renwick believes can be added to his regime change agenda.

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