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EFF asked Donald Trump to invade South Africa?

By Jackie Shandu

So we will be “assisted” by the FBI and CIA to deal with the Guptas? So this is the ‘help’ that Julius Malema/EFF sought from the USA Embassy? Yho, ubuthakathi bamavarara buyafana. This is like Thabo Mbeki and clique arrogantly marching to the IMF, World Bank, Wall Street corporations in the mid 1990s in search of ‘FDI’, ‘Loans’ to ‘stimulate growth’. Historically, charterists make selling out look so sexy and sophisticated.

Wasn’t Julius Malema expelled by the ANC in 2012 mainly for pushing for regime change in Botswana since, according to him and correctly so, Ian Khama’s regime was a shameless puppet of Washington, enabling Yankee Imperialists to set up a military base in Gaborone? Wasn’t one Floyd Shivambu in a verbal scuffle with President Jacob Zuma over the latter’s administration’s position on the NATO’s No Fly Zone resolution used as a pretext to effect regime change in Libya and the humiliating assassination Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gadaffi was subjected to in 2011? Remember the infamous ‘Angizwanga baba, ukhuluma nami’ rebuke where Zuma was correctly grilled and exposed as a sellout of the Afrikan agenda?

Fast-forward to 2017, the EFF openly seeks cooperation and collaboration with the global leaders of the Imperialist Bloc. It seeks to work with the murderers of Lumumba, Che Guevara, Amilcar Cabral, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. It forges a working relationship with the plotters and stagers of coups against Nkrumah, Salvador Allende, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and many many other progressive leaders.

You mean to tell me the EFF leadership knows nothing about the FBI’s J Edgar Hoover and his Counter Intelligence Program that was established solely to fight against Black leaders and organisations that challenged White Supremacy, starting with Marcus Garvey’s UNIA and all the way to Du Bois, MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X and the NOI and the total destruction of The Black Panther Party and all its great leaders? What are brother Mumia Abu Jamal and sister Assata Shakur ought to make of this as they continue to pay with their personal liberties for the ongoing struggle against White Supremacy and Imperialism of the USA government?

Doesn’t the EFF claim to be a big buddy of the Palestinian people and its ongoing struggle against Zionist dispossessors and oppressors? Who is the military chief backer and key funder of the Zionist state of IsraHELL if not the United States of AmeriKKKa? Who is the key enemy of our great friend, the Cuban state and her people? Who maintains the wholly immoral and evil decades-long Trade Embargo and Economic Blockade against Cuba and thus subjecting multitudes of Cuban citizens to economic stagnation, underdevelopment, poverty and unemployment? Who is waging a brutal war against the socialist state of Venezuela since the ascent of our late brother Hugo Chavez? Who is throwing countless drones in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan – 98% of which have been proved to kill innocent civilians, including women and children?

The corruption of the Guptas, and all other corruption must be exposed and uprooted and those found guilty prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. Moral consistency and political integrity dictate so. However, absolutely nothing warrants colluding with an imperialist, anti-black racist and very violent state or any of its repressive intelligence agencies and institutions. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Absolutely nothing warrants working with a regime that militarily, economically and politically supported the apartheid regime till the last moment, thus delaying the freedom of the black majority in their own native land.

Strange because the EFF always expresses undying faith in the Judiciary, the courts and Constitution of the Republic. Are all these structures incapable of investigating and formulating criminal charges against the Guptas and related personnel?
We Afrikan Nationalists should have known better than trusting anything formerly associated with the post-Lembede/Sobukwe ANC.

Let’s pause, and wait for insults, aspersions and personal attacks since counter-arguments and fighters are not friends at all!

One thought on “EFF asked Donald Trump to invade South Africa?

  1. Malema of all people are turning out to be the biggest disappointment, and least expected opponent of his own people. Easily bought and morally bankrupt.

    Thank goodness for Pres. Zuma.

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