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White media lies with impunity: M&G’s silent apology

By BO Staff Writer

The fact that white media is the propaganda tool for white monopoly capital becomes glaringly obvious daily. Evidence of being used as a tool by white capital is the spreading of false information widely, tarnishing the reputations of those implicated, and then falling silent when the lies have been disproved. For the white, racist media vultures working in aide of WMC, it is enough to get the false information out – the implications thereafter are irrelevant.

A case in point is the fake and silent apology of the Mail and Guardian (M&G) for publishing lies about the Guptas, state capture and Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA).

The M&G has now deleted from all its online sites stories which were lifted and taken as truth, from the Democratic Alliance (DA) alleging that Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi’s failure to appoint a board for Prasa after the previous board’s term ended on July 31 was a deliberate act to create an environment for “looting”.

The DA said that PRASA signed a R57-billion loan agreement with the Export and Import Bank of China to finance the Moloto Rail Development Corridor. M&G, in its desperate, antiblack attempt to pin any and all corruption allegations to blacks, ran with the story without verifying the truthfulness of the claims.

M&G arrogantly claimed that PRASA signed a loan agreement with the Chinese on the sidelines of the Brics summit, where “Prasa’s accounting authority — whoever that may be — signed South Africa into a R57 billion deal with the state-owned Export-Import Bank of China to build the Moloto Rail Development Corridor”.

PRASA spokesperson Nana Zenani denied the claims and clarified that “Prasa has not signed any contract with the EXIM … Prasa acting CEO Lindikaya Zide did not attend the Brics Summit at which he is falsely alleged to have signed the ‘R57-billion’ contract with EXIM Bank of China, Mr. Zide was in fact in South Africa focusing on his normal Prasa duties.”

The weekly newspaper has now issued a flat, one paragraph apology stating,
” In the September 15-21 and September 22-28 editions of the Mail & Guardian, “Boardless Prasa inks R57bn deal” and “Airport idle, jumbos take the highway”, we reported that Prasa had signed a R57-billion deal with a Chinese bank to develop the Moloto Corridor. We have now confirmed that neither Prasa nor the Department of Transport, who are the lead on the Moloto Corridor project, signed such a deal. In our reporting we erred in that we placed an over-reliance on information gleaned from other publications. We apologise unreservedly for the error. The articles have now been removed.”

As usual, the apology is not in bold letters and not spread around social media, as the initial story was. The white owned media is irresponsible and unethical in advancing the agenda of white monopoly capital.

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