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White men who assaulted Victor Mlotshwa sentenced to 11 & 14 years in jail

By BO Staff Writer

Gasps, of shock or relief, depending on your racial hue, were heard at the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court today as Judge Sheila Mphahlele handed down the sentence to the two white men who assaulted Victor Mlotshwa and threatened to burn him alive in a coffin.

Willem Oosthuizen, who was sentenced to 11 years, and Theo Jackson, whose sentence is 14 years, were found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping, intimidation and two counts of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Oosthuizen and Jackson had followed, kidnapped and assaulted Mlotshwa. They proceeded to stuff him alive in a coffin and threatened to burn it, while they filmed the incident.

The two racists, represented by two equally racist white lawyers who argued that the duo wanted to scare Mlotshwa because he was stealing copper cables (which have never been recovered), sought leave to appeal the judgement right after it was handed down. The assertive Judge Mphahlele denied the appeal.

The racist union, Solidarity, was in court supporting the accused. According to reports, the white racists, who are illegally in posession of farms they stole from blacks, knelt down and prayed after the judgement was handed down.

On the other hand, groups of black people outside the court celebrated the victory.

When the story initially broke out last year, Black Opinion noted the hypocrisy of the political parties which used the incident as a tool for political campaigning.

“Another classic South African move is forgetfulness. In a week or two people will forget about Mlotshwa, including the EFF and the ANC who have taken it upon themselves to use Mlotshwa’s case as a campaigning tool – the same ANC which prides itself on the Freedom Charter, a document which essentially says white people have rights to this land they stole; the ANC which allowed apartheid murderers to go free via the TRC and then preached the ‘Rainbow nation’.

The EFF, which has lost any and all ounces of radicalism, has piggybacked onto the Mlotshwa case. One can almost imagine Mbuyiseni Ndlozi excitedly checking social media and running to Julius, “look, look, another racist incident! A great chance to divert attention away from our London Agenda.”

The EFF, which went into coalition with a racist party, the Democratic Alliance, calling it the “better devil”, have conveniently forgotten that a large constituency of the DA is the white farming community which dehumanises our people every single day. When handing over metros to the DA, didn’t the EFF know that that move would bolster the confidence of white racists, and thus the proliferation of such ‘incidents’?”

Speculations are high that the two white land theives are expected to appeal their sentence in High Court.

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