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Dare to take on the “moral high ground challenge”

By Yerushka Chetty

Zuma’s charge sheet discloses that between October 25 1995 and July 1 2005 Zuma or his family received 783 payments totalling R4 072 499,85 from Shaik or his companies

Jacob Zuma is considered corrupt and unworthy of being President because he is accused of accepting amounts totaling R4 072 499,85 from his comrade and financial adviser, Shabir Shaik, over a period of 10 years from 25 October 1995 and 1 July 2005 without reporting it to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). The unfounded allegation is that Zuma used his official status to help Shaik get into the arms deal project from which he (Shaik) was excluded. In the meanwhile white justice suggests that Shaik ought to have foreseen that if he gave Zuma money, that Zuma will reciprocate by helping him get into the arms deal project.

On the other hand we know that Cyril Ramaphosa is the founder of Shanduka Holdings, a company that has been exposed for shifting billions of rands into offshore tax havens so as to dodge paying the taxes to SARS.

My point is that Cyril Ramaphosa is being cast by the white owned media as a paragon of virtue notwithstanding damning evidence to the contrary – evidence of corruption of at least R2.3 billion rand in disclosed profits for the financial year of 2011. This same media convicts President Zuma for corruption on unfounded allegations involving an amount of R4 072 499,85. Let’s compare these figures – R4 072 499,85 relating to the allegations against Zuma versus the billions lost in illicit offshore cash flows by Cyril Ramaphosa’s Shanduka Holdings which in turn is sponsored by white monopoly capital. Did you say corruption is corruption no matter how small it is? The point is that Zuma was never found guilty in a court of law for corruption regarding the amount R4 072 499,85, yet he is convicted by white monopoly capital and its agents like Ramaphosa. In the same breathe, there is no outcry against the corruption of Ramaphosa whose criminal activities involves an amount going into billion. This is so because Ramaphosa is the preferred presidential candidate of white settler monopoly capital in cahoots with western imperialism.

Now, coming back to the “moral high ground challenge”, should Cyril Ramaphosa be the next President of the ANC and SA my morally upright comrades?

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One thought on “Dare to take on the “moral high ground challenge”

  1. No I will not vote for Rhamaphosa. I really do think that Lindiwe Sisulu might do well. I am not sure why, I just think she has managed to keep out of the limelight and ‘mischief’. She has good history behind her.
    I commend the president for his strength and courage given the daily onslaught. I think it is a BRICS thing.
    And the sheep just follow the media devoid of independent thinking.

    For an author with a weak jawbone to write with such power, is incomprehensible. He reckons he can prove the R1m allegation. Has anyone asked him to do this?

    It makes you sick to think that there is a West out there killing thousands daily, and nobody breathes a word.
    Or that there is no water in Cape Town!
    How vulgar some people get and it only has to do with money.

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