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Pravin Gordhan wrote ‘The President’s Keepers’

By BO Staff Writer

Shocking news! ‘The President’s Keepers’ was actually written by the former Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan. The book, which is a praise poem to white monopoly capital, is marked as authored by one Jacques Pauw. But now sources have revealed that the book was actually written by Pravin Gordhan to get back at President Zuma.

Pravin Gordhan was seen signing autographs of the book in Johannesburg. The tradition and convention of autographing a book is a task reserved for the author of the book. Pravin Gordhan seems to have been carried away by the number of white people who attended the book launch and forgot he was the ghost writer. Many people were shocked by this signing of books by Pravin Gordhan. Now we know he wrote the book to attack President Zuma as part of the white monopoly capital fight back against Radical Economic Transformation (RET).


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