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BLF cautions on hysteria against free education

The following article was previously published on 11 November 2017 on the BLF website and is reissued by BO.

Black First Land First (BLF) warns the nation against the growing hysteria created by the white owned media against free education. The white owned media is lying by saying that realizing free education shall entail taking social grants from the poor. This is a lie designed to cause panic amongst the poor so as to turn them against ensuring free education for their own children. BLF warns the nation to be aware of the white propaganda against free education.

News reports have emerged saying that President Zuma may reject the wishy washy report of the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training (The Fees Commission) which was set up in 2016 to determine the feasibility of free higher education. This we welcome. The leaked report of the Commission evidently doesn’t provide for free education. President Zuma is reported to have decided to support the call of Fees Must Fall and, to this end, announce free education for all.

BLF has called on President Zuma to reject the reactionary recommendations of the Fees Commission. We urge President Zuma to continue with Radical Economic Transformation (RET) by announcing free education for all. The wealthy must fund free education. In this regard, a minimal raise in corporate tax would solve the problem of where the funds would come from.

Forward with free decolonial education!


11 November 2017

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