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‘EFF march to Israeli embassy is fake’ – BLF

The following article was previously published on 02 November 2017 on the BLF website and is reissued by BO.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) must make a choice between supporting the oppressed people of Palestine or the Zionist Israeli oppressors.

The EFF can’t serve both. It’s a known fact that the EFF is sponsored and funded by the Zionist, Nathan Kirsh, who is reported to have given the party R10 million. The EFF has not denied this allegation and therefore, the inference must be made that it accepted money from Kirsh. Kirsh makes his profits out of the blood of the children of Palestine. Kirsh makes his money out of building the apartheid wall that ensures the oppression of the Palestinian people.
Similarly, the EFF cannot claim to be with the Palestinian people when it has given political power to the Democratic Alliance (DA), which is a known supporter of apartheid Israel.

Not long ago coalition partner, Mmusi Maimane was in Isreal to express solidarity and support of the DA to Isreal. Therefore, today’s march is a stunt to confuse our people and try to win their confidence, when indeed, the EFF stands with white monopoly capital. Our people must not be hoodwinked by this fake march today.



2 November 2017

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