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Mashaba, Ngcukaitobi and Mpofu are agents of Zille

By BO Staff Writer

The racist political party of the colonialist, Helen Zille, has found three black men to drive Africans out of Johannesburg. The Democratic Alliance (DA), which was brought to power by Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has a plan to keep Johannesburg white.

The DA has succeeded in keeping Cape Town white, now it wants Johannesburg to be white too. To help it in its anti-black racist agenda, the DA has hired three black men, Herman Mashaba, Advocates Dali Mpofu and Thembeka Ngcukaitobi to do its dirty work.

Mashaba, receiving directive from Zille, is said to have instructed legal representatives to take the Department of Home Affairs to court for not acting on “illegal immigrants”.

Mashaba, the mayor of Johannesburg, has asked the two advocates to help him in this task. The agenda of the DA is to create black-on-black violence by blaming black people for the lack of economic opportunities and the housing problems in the inner city. Mashaba has been busy cleaning the city with violent mass evictions of blacks under the pretext of fighting “illegal immigrants”.

Shockingly, Zille has managed to also capture the celebrated senior advocate, Ngcukaitobi, who spots an uncombed afro as symbol of Africanism. Now it turns out that for money, he is willing to help the DA kick blacks out of the city. Sources close to the case say Mpofu agreed to help the DA as far back as in November 2015 in London. The sources confirm that the request was made by Lord Robin Renwick and Mpofu agreed to be an assistant to Helen Zille.

Mashaba, Ngcukaitobi and Mpofu will be going to court to make sure the DA succeeds in keeping Johannesburg white. The DA and EFF alliance is revealing itself to be xenophobic and anti-black. How can an organisation that claims Africanism assist a racist colonial organization to harass Africans? The EFF chairperson, Mpofu, has finally exposed the real agenda of the EFF.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama said, “BLF will certainly oppose the anti-black Afrophobic front against Africans”. Mngxitama said BLF may join the court process to oppose the attack against Africans in Johannesburg.

Mashaba, Mpofu and Ngcukaitobi will go down history as the three black men who helped Helen Zille achieve the dream of Cecil John Rhodes to colonise Africa from Cape to Cairo.

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